TH16 Guest Gallery

A few images of our guests on stage at Gatecon The Homecoming 2016. ...MORE

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who spent time with us at The Homecoming. To everyone who donated items for the auction or bid on them. We are delighted to announce the sum being donated to Sea Shepherd... ...MORE

TH16 Announcement

The Homecoming proudly supports Sea Shepherd. A message from Richard Dean Anderson... Well, it's that time of the decade again! Time to gather, once again..... ...MORE

TH16 Special Guests

Our Special guests joining us for The Homecoming 2016. Visit www.gatecon. ...MORE


Gatecon 2016 - The Homecoming returns to its historical (and some may say spiritual) home at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (formerly known as the Richmond Inn). ...MORE


Join the Gategoers forum for more information and to get to know your fellow Gaters. ...MORE

Gatecon 2002 Setup & Live TV

The first few days of setting up Gatecon 2002 were hectic to say the least. There were welcome bags to pack, and over 100 volunteers to organize. ...MORE

Where it all started

Where did the Gatecon legacy begin, and how did it all get started? Would you believe it all started because of a T-Shirt! Actually it was the lack of a T-Shirt, but we will get to that soon... ...MORE

Gatecon 2000 @ Bridge Studios

At our very first Gatecon we were invited to visit Bridge Studios, as well as a number of secret shooting locations. Guided by our gracious hosts Peter DeLuise and Michael Greenburg. ...MORE
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