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PC - any activity marked PC means that it takes place Pre-Convention
OE - any activity marked OE is an Optional Extra and involves the purchase of a ticket add-on
FE - any activity marked FE means Free Entry and is included in your main convention ticket

The Vangroovy Harbour Cruise - OE

Taking place during the day on Thursday 8th September 2016, this is your first chance to show off your 1960's costume - provided you dare travel downtown in it??? Costume is not compulsory to join the cruise.

A great way to get into the convention spirit, to meet up with your fellow-Gaters and to see the beauty of Vancouver from the water

Waiting list suspended, sorry if you weren't able to make it this time

Welcome Aboard!

The Queen of Diamonds

We are organising an optional extra activity for you on Thursday 8th September 2016 - a three hour Vancouver harbour cruise on board The Queen of Diamonds in the company of Richard Dean Anderson, Dan Payne, David Winning, Dan Shea, Bruce Woloshyn and representatives from Sea Shepherd.

The ticket price for the cruise is US$95
This includes:

* bus transport from and back to the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
* a three hour daytime harbour cruise
* lunch on board (pre-selected choice of Westcoast Barbecue or Seafarer's Luncheon)
* the opportunity to chat to representatives from Sea Shepherd and to rub shoulders with some of our guests in an informal atmosphere
* Exclusive limited edition cruise collectible (design TBA), only available to those taking part on the cruise.

The Queen of Diamonds will be cruising through False Creek past Granville Island, Stanley Park. West Vancouver Shoreline to Pt Atkinson, Anchorages, (note, NOT Anchorage, AL!!), back through False Creek and a view of Science World

The cruise operator reserves the right to substitute the Queen of Diamonds with an alternative vessel should it be necessary.
Passengers are entirely liable for their own personal belongings. This includes the shuttle bus service - you are not allowed to leave personal belongings on board the bus whilst on the cruise.

1960's costume optional

Spaces on the cruise are strictly limited so make sure you grab your tickets when they go on sale in the New Year.
As Christmas is fast approaching we have decided to launch ticket sales for this event in January. However we have set up a registration form at the link below, so you can get your name on the list and express your interest in the cruise. Once tickets go on sale, priority will be given to those on the registration list. We do also need to hit a minimum number to make the cruise viable, so this pre-registration will greatly assist in that.

As Thursday is also the main registration day for the convention, we will have priority lines and times for those taking part in the cruise, and you will also be back at the hotel in plenty of time for the Meet and Greet party that evening.

Departure time from the hotel will be posted when tickets go on sale

Please note - you MUST hold a convention ticket to take part in the harbour cruise. Extra details may be added to the cruise description between now and when tickets go live.

The boat has some disabled access. They do have a seat lift to the washroom level, with a wheelchair located on that level. There are 5 steps to come on the boat, which Crew can assist as needed. The boat cannot handle motorized wheelchairs.

L U N C H    M E N U

Seafarer's Luncheon - Penne Arrabbiata. (V)

* Pasta noodles noodles tossed in a scrumptious tomato, fresh Italian herbs and vegetables sauce. Served with grated parmesan cheese.
* Caesar Salad - With homemade seasoned croutons & freshly-grated Parmesan.
* Thai Noodle Salad
* Fresh Brewed Tea & Coffee

Westcoast Barbecue

* BBQ Chicken & Beef Burgers.
Enjoy the sights unfolding around you as our chef flips his magic on the barbecue. Nothing beats burgers grilled out at sea. Garnished with your choice of lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, pickles & various other condiments.
* Potato Salad
* Fresh Brewed Tea & Coffee
The cruise company have said they are happy to offer a Vegan option on both course options so please make sure you indicate Vegan if required when the tickets go on sale.

The dining room on board

Definitely signing up for the cruise!

Cruise looks awesome! Let's home for sunny mild weather as the good times are definitely guaranteed. :)

Speaking of weather, what is the average temperature in Vancouver in September? Rainy season?

Highlander II:

--- Quote from: Nell on September 20, 2015, 08:58:12 PM ---Speaking of weather, what is the average temperature in Vancouver in September? Rainy season?

--- End quote ---

It's usually pretty warm during the day, but it can get a little chilly in the evenings.

This will show the current weather in Vancouver and some historical/average data:


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