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do we need to register upfront to take part in cosplay competition ? are there specific rules to enter this competition ?

Here’s the info for the cosume comp...

We will be holding the costume contest as enough people expressed an interest. Plus we have the themed banquet so you can always enter that outfit in the contest or anything influenced from across the Stargate franchise.

The judging will take place on the Saturday evening just before the charity auction kicks off.

You can register your entry when you collect your ticket at the registration desk on convention Thursday, or save time and email us with your details - name and a brief description of the costume. Please note costumes need to abide by our weapons policy:

Any weapon, real or not, that contains a blade is NOT permitted in any convention area. Real weapons or replicas of real weapons are not permitted in any area. Replicas of other weapons used in the Stargate franchise may be allowed for costume purposes provided they have first been cleared at the registration desk or with our security staff. Failure to do this may result in the item/s being confiscated and made available for collection at the end of the convention.


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