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Britannia Mine Museum - Discount for Gategoers



The Britannia Mine Museum is offering a 10% discount to Gategoers on their regular admission charges.
You will need to show your ticket confirmation or convention pass on arrival. The current entry fee before discount is $29.95

You may well recognise the mine as it has appeared as a location in many of our favourite shows, including SG1 (Thor’s Hammer).

It was used for the Reaper Tunnels in The 100, as a mine setting, (there's a shock), in The Flash, Supernatural and DC's Legends of Tomorrow and has also featured as The Poison Room in The Magicians, The X-Files, Eureka, Primeval: New World and movies Scooby Doo 2 and The Interview.

Britannia Mine Museum is a 45 minute drive north of Vancouver on the Hwy 99 to Whistler.
Greyhound Bus Lines also run a service from Vancouver with multiple daily departures. Journey time is 55 minutes and currently the fare is $32 return.

The mine offers a 45 minute tour plus other exhibits but be sure to check out the times so you can tie it in with your journey from Vancouver.

Official Website

Highlander II:
I can't believe you forgot to mention that it was used in, at least, one episode of MacGyver. *smh*   =)


Very interesting! What is the last day to use the discount?

Unlike the other places they didn’t specify but it will likely be a week either side of the convention. I’ll ask them to confirm though.


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