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A thread for links to any articles about Gatecon The Invasion.

If you come across any articles about us please give me the heads up so I can link to them here.

Many thanks to Julia Donovan at Stargate

Guest Tweets and Facebook Posts:

Dan Shea
See all u Stargate Freaks @ GateCon 2018 in beautiful Vancouver. Wahoo!  Sgt Siler

Alex Zahara
So pleased and happy to announce that I have been asked to be part of Gatecon in Vancouver next year!! Looking forward to spending some real time with everyone! No Sherlock this Con I promise! Lol Let’s gear up for a lot of Dancing, karaoke and Stargate infused fun!!
Whahooooo! See you in 2018!!

Barry Campbell
Going to Gatecon 2018? Me, too! Got your ticket yet? No?? Better hurry - I hear they're going FAST! See you there! 😀

Simone Bailly
Excited to meet all the #Stargate fans at @GateconE #GateconTheInvasion2018 👾#StargateSG1 #SG1 💫

Alex Zahara
#Gatecon 2018, here I come!!
See everyone there!! #Stargate

Paul McGillion
Looking forward to the #GateconTheInvasion2018 See all you cheeky buggers there!

Mika McKinnon
Psst @GateconE is back in Vancouver for 2018: It's small & friendly with so many local actors.

Simone Bailly
Excited to meet all the #Stargate fans at Gatecon Have you got your tickets yet? #GateconTheInvasion2018 👾 #StargateSG1 #SG1 💫😘

Erick Avari
#WorldPremier of Chasing Eaglerock and #talkback with #writer #director at #GateconTheInvasion2018 #gatecon2018 with @GateconE

Colin Cunningham
Hello everyone! Just a reminder that @GateconE is coming back to Vancouver next Sept. Hope to see you all there!!

Simone Bailly
Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be one giant #Stargate party!! 😘😍🎉 #StargateSG1 #SG1 #GateconTheInvasion2018

Alexis Cruz
Make plans 4 #GateconTheInvasion2018 (9/14-9/16) in Vancouver. The flagship of Stargate conventions! @GateconE

Sharon Taylor
Looking forward to this #stargate #con 😀. Always a good time!

Gary Jones
Cannot wait! And neither can you!

Andrew Jackson
If you are a fan of the STARGATE series, DARK MATTER or have a LOVE of SCI FY in general, you would LOVE GATECON!!! I have been to various conventions over the years and nothing comes close to the connection, heart, humour and passion that Ive experienced with GATECON. Its a fan driven convention that embraces people from around the globe. Besides....who wouldnt love a trip to gorgeous VANCOUVER in 2018. The shared passion has helped build many friendships. Come join the GATECON FAMILY!!!!!

Alexis Cruz

Start making plans for Sept 14th-16th, 2018 in Vancouver folks cause this is going to be the mothership of Stargate conventions! Tickets on sale now!

Amanda Tapping

Looking forward to seeing you all at #GateconTheInvasion2018 in Vancouver Sept 2018


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