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The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel provides a unique hotel experience minutes from Vancouver International Airport. Located in beautiful Richmond, British Columbia, this newly-renovated, modern hotel is a refreshing destination for all your business and vacation adventures in Vancouver. Whether you are meeting clients, catching an early flight or just enjoying our Vancouver vibe, the Sheraton Vancouver Airport is the place to work, play, dine, connect and relax.

For Gatecon, this is a return to our traditional roots. Our first event in 2000 was held at the now demolished Radisson in Burnaby (not due to the convention!), but we staged five of our seven other Vancouver events at The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (formerly called The Richmond Inn). We noticed some enormous changes to the hotel on our return in 2016 - and thankfully all for the better. The new ballroom is fantastic and renovation throughout have enlivened the look of the place.

The Pool and Patio area

Harold's Bistro & Bar

The Fitness Suite

The new ballroom, artist's impression, where our stage events will take place

If you attended one of our previous event at this hotel you may remember the Thirsty Turtle bar. Tissues at the ready, but Turtles is no more - this is where the new ballroom has been built. The hotel site has an interesting page of pictures of the new development in progress HERE

Standard Queen Room

Standard King Room

Pet Policy

The hotel is a dog-friendly establishment and dogs are allowed into the main convention areas provided they are on a leash at all times. However they are not permitted in rooms where food is being served, for instance at the banquet.

As organisers we have no objections to canine visitors, however we will need to be guided by any attendees who may have allergies, and if requested we may need dog owners to remove their pets from the room. Owners will also be completely liable for the behaviour of their pets at all times. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage to hotel property.

One question to any one out there.

Does anyone remember there being laundry facilities at the Sheraton (when it was Best Western) and if, i haven't been dreaming it, is it still available?

I recollect flight crew using it one time.



I know the hotel provide a laundry service but don’t think there’s a place where you can do your own. Laundrettes are likely to be in the vicinity though

I had it in my mind that way back in 2008 when I stayed there I saw flight crew using laundry machines in a small room.

Maybe I am dreaming this after all.



They don’t have a self service, you have to go through room service for laundry. The other option, that I just asked my friend about is a coin-op, about 1.2 miles away called Easy Kleen Laundromat. Hope that helps Sharon!


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