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The Sheraton Vancouver Airport room booking page.

This is the link to the personalized website for Gatecon 2018 - The Invasion 13th to 16th September 2018.

Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to book, modify, or cancel a reservation from the 27th April 2017 to the 17th September 2018.

Below you will find the link for you to access the site:

(copy and paste the below link into a web browser)

Prices are on the webpage and are shown when you choose your reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: if you want to book a suite or Club room you must phone the hotel as none have been allocated to our room block.

PLEASE NOTE.. room block now full. Should rooms become available due to cancellation you will be notified but please contact the hotel if you want to book a room.

Is anyone trying to - or intending to - book a room at the Sheraton on the Gatecon room block? I am talking to the hotel but need an idea of how many rooms are still needed as the block has been extended twice now and is almost full again. Please let me know urgently if you are still looking to book. Thanks!

Yes, I am still interested in getting a room. Thanks.

Ok will add you to the waiting list!

Please add me to the list. 


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