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Virginia Hey Guided Meditation Class

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Virginia Hey Guided De-stress Meditation

Class 2 has 2 spots free and Class 1 has 11 spots free (Saturday)

Class 1: Saturday 7.00-8.30am

01. Elaine McPherson
02-03. Alexandra Levin & William Houck
04. Nicky Neilson
05. Robert Simon
06. Richard Pasco
07. Ulrike Schliephake
08. Madeleine Arel-Davis
09. Jeffrey Chang

Class 2: Sunday 7.30-9am 

01. Barbara Tighe 
02. Kay Dennis
03. Bryony Dickins
04-05. Liesl Bland & 1
06-07. Natalie Case & Cassie Morgan
08. Rosanna Andrews
09. Tabitha Caswell
10. Agnes Hooper
11. Annette Carter
12. Peyton Ellas
13-14. Marcia & William Schulz
15. Jan Kent
16. Shir Bar Lev
17. Kerstin Richter
18. Mike Amowitz

We are pleased to announce that our guest Virginia Hey will be holding her well-loved and popular 90 minute “Guided De-stress Meditation”. It comprises a 40-minute workshop/introduction followed by a 50-minute guided meditation session at Gatecon-The Homecoming!

Tickets to this class are limited to just 20 and will be offered to the reservations list in strict order so be sure to add your name right away if you are interested. What a great way to start your day at the convention!

Dates: Class 1 : Saturday 10th September 7am-8.30am - Class 2 Sunday September 11th 7.30am-9am
Price: US$60 per person.
Tickets: Please email if interested, and stating how many spots you are after
Paypal: Paypal details will be sent to you
Bring: A bag/rucksack to rest your head on, and a warm jacket or throw as you may feel chilly in the air conditioned room.

More details about Virginia, the class, and tickets are below.

About the Class

“Sixty percent of doctor visits are the result of stress related conditions. Meditation will reduce blood pressure, stimulate immune function, train the mind, and reshape the brain to defuse stress.”  Time magazine August 2004

Miss Hey calls her Meditation style "The Key of Life Meditation ©''.
In our busy world, the ''key'' is quiet time to de-stress, heal, re-group thoughts, find motivation, wisdom, peace and relaxation. All vital for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. You can heal, relax, and feel more radiantly beautiful and peaceful through meditations designed by Virginia Hey, celebrity meditation teacher and devotee of health and well-being.

Virginia has formulated a very simple and deeply relaxing balancing meditation. There are no baffling techniques or terminology, just simple relaxation techniques coupled with her soothing words of guidance. Virginia Hey’s meditations are for everyone!

The meditations are guided by Virginia, who speaks softly in a friendly, healing tone as you relax, lying on the floor with your head resting on your bag.

About Virginia

Award-nominated Australian actress Virginia Hey has achieved prominence and success not only nationally throughout her native Australia, but also around the world. IMDb Resume:

Virginia Hey, devotee of health and well-being, is best known worldwide for her various roles on TV and film. However, throughout her life over 50 years since Virginia was 13, Miss hey has also pursued her passion for all things involving natural therapies and inner and outer beauty. She is certified in Reiki, Nutrition and Metaphysics, has studied aspects of Naturopathy and Homeopathy, and has been a Meditation Teacher over the last 15 years. Miss Hey calls her Meditation style ""The Key of Life Meditation ©''. Miss Hey tours the world making personal appearances and teaching meditation. Miss Hey moved from Sydney to Los Angeles in 2002, but has made the UK her home since 2012. Miss Hey has her own signature range of exquisite perfumed products and meditation MP3s available through her Etsy shop, White Flower Lei. White Flower Lei officially launched in 2002.

Guided Meditation MP3s

If you would like to try some of Virginia’s short meditation MP3s so you get the feel of her voice and style before taking her 90-minute guided meditation class at Gatecon-The Homecoming, there are five different options available at her Etsy shop, White Flower Lei

5 Minute De-Stress – Perfect to put on your computer at work and take a quick break when stress kicks-in. 5 minutes
Chill – relaxation, chill out. 9 minutes
Sleep – Help with insomnia, travel fatigue, jet lag. 12 minutes
Esteem – Self-confidence boost. 20 minutes
Heal – Immune strengthening meditation. Great for self-healing. 19 minutes

This sounds like something I definitely need to do!!!
de-stressing sounds like a plan!!!!

I've been listening to Virginia's mp3's regularly over the last couple of weeks and can thoroughly recommend them / the class

Absolutely interested!!  Please add me to the list  ;)

Hi Kay818,

Thank you so much for signing up for my class!
Pop me an email and I'll send you the ticket info so you can reserve a place.

You'll love the class, its so Blissful and relaxing and healing! :)

Lots of love
Virginia Hey
virginia at virginiahey dot com


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