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Whale-watching from Steveston - discount for Homecoming


A 20% discount is available for Homecoming attendees

Vancouver Whale Watch

Vancouver Whale Watch™ provides passengers with the adventure of a lifetime through excellent customer service, first class vessels, the highest possible safety standards and added value from an on-the-water education of the west coast eco-system. We emphasise science and conservation while maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere.

We belong to an extensive spotting network including ferries, fishermen, land based spotters and most important other whale watching boats. Members of the Pacific Whale Watch Association work co-operatively on the water to search the areas inhabited by the whales ensuring the highest sighting success rate. Our company is dedicated to going where the whales are.

Should you not see a whale, come again for free until you do, for life, no expiry.

New this year, Vancouver Whale Watch is now offering shuttle service at all the Richmond hotels, as well as shuttle service directly to the airport after a whale watch tour if requested.  Please note, we also have 9 different pick-up locations downtown Vancouver, should some of your guests choose to stay at a hotel outside of Richmond.  The shuttle cost from Richmond is $10.00 return trip and from downtown Vancouver $15.00 return trip. 

We also have free parking available and passengers can pre-order a lunch for the trip as well – the cost for the lunch is $8.50.


I'm hoping for a discount even though there's a discount for seniors if not with a group. Will be able to take #OUAT location pics along with the SG1 "Nightwalkers" warehouse location pics before or after the tour. Can't forget Dave's Fish & Chips.

No reply yet from this company. Looks as though when they close for the season they don't check their email very often. Hopefully we will get a reply eventually.

Glad to see a discount was offered for Gatecon attendees. I'm going to assume that the prices listed are CAD because there's no other info given.


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