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Ingress - anyone play?

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Highlander II:
This topic brought to you by the fact that as I was reading one of the other threads here about the Glyph hunt, I was confused for a moment b/c I wasn't parsing it as Stargate glyphs, but rather as Ingress glyphs... d'oh!

If you're not familiar with it - it's a game for Android and iOS (not sure if there's a Windows version, but I don't think so) that is GPS-based that has you wandering around your city - and cities you visit - looking for portals (usually located at churches, post offices and other nifty/cool places around town) that you can hack or smash. =)

website here: https://www.ingress.com/

if you'd like an invite to play (there's a recruiting badge i'm working on earning levels of - full disclosure) PM me for an invite.  there are probably missions (series of portals to hack to earn badges) all around Vancouver and we can organize a group outing if anyone's up for it.

Highlander II:
Does this mean that no one plays?

It's fun.  And you don't have to worry about looking odd walking around staring at your phone, b/c that's what everyone *else* is doing too!  =)

I have a Windows phone and can't access it. Anything with the google play store or iTunes is a no go.

Highlander II:
Niantic labs makes/runs the game... I wonder if poking them with enough interest would get them on-board w/ a Windows version?

They used to be part of Google - hence the Android-heavy-ness of things (Android gets updates first, etc.), but they're their own entity now, so maybe expansion?  App-building is not my thing.

Totally going to look into this..
It looks pretty awesome :)!


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