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The costume competition for 2022 is now open for entries - please complete the form on this page if you are planning to take part in September.

We are retaining the original optional theme of Steampunk Stargate, although you can of course stick to a traditional Stargate character, human or otherwise, from any of the shows.

There will be a parade and judging during the convention with some really exciting prizes for first, second and third designed and crafted by our amazing friends Bryan and Pat Harris. Just take a look at one of the prize designs we will be giving away at Gatecon - Stargate themed with a Steampunk twist, the pictured item is made from maple wood, perfect for an event being held in Vancouver.


As per the convention rules and regulations no real weapons or blades are permitted at the event. If you plan to include replica weapons from the show as part of your costume you must notify us on the form along with full details. We reserve the right to refuse any items.

Celebration Costume Competition

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