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Hey Guys!
Long time, no post - I forgot my password... in fact I forgot I could still use the forum even though I’m not attending this time round hahahaha!


For those of you that are volunteering and are not part of the Facebook page I just thought I would post here to say that you should receive an email from myself and my mother regarding your volunteering roles tomorrow and your roles should be worked out within the next 2 weeks :)!

The email address we will be sending this information from is:
(Just so you know it’s us!)

We can’t thank you enough for your patience as we get to grips with this task!

P.S. still gutted I can’t make it this time :(!

Nonnie x

You should now have an email in your inbox...

If you could please respond that would be awesome...
Also if you think you should have received an email and you haven't gotten one by 'morning - 9AM' (GMT) please send a message to with your name and I will find out why you have not received one.

Thanks in advance.

Nonnie :)!

Thanks Nonnie! Got my email and replied!

Just sent you an email - I never received the email regarding my volunteering.


I haven’t received an email yet...


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