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Gatecon 2002

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Highlander II:
Here's our MC:

Colin Cunningham:

And a couple from the auction:

More here:  http://photographybyh2.h2smsk.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=1

Highlander II:
Ya'll remember Sekh's Party, right?

This is the first one I attended.  So we have JR inna hat:

And JR after someone paid him I don't even remember how much money to take it off:

I had the opportunity to sit in Chronus' chair....


Hanging out in between sessions.... Photos courtesy of "Rav."

If I recall correctly, this was the year and the night I bought a "staff" at auction and had the opportunity to speak with 2 gentlemen from set design who made that auction item possible.

The following year, 2003, I gave copies of the tee shirt I was wearing to Andrew Jackson and .... Shame on me; I'm drawing an absolute blank. The gentleman's name utterly escapes me.....


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