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Gatecon is coming home!

Despite the success of the two events we held at the Wall Centre in 2008 and 2010, we have decided that this is the perfect time after a six year break to make a return to both Vancouver and the Sheraton Vancouver Airport, (formerly The Richmond Inn).

The hotel may have undergone a major renovation project since we were last there, including the construction of the brand new 10,000 sq. ft. ballroom which we will be using for the main stage activities, but it remains the original home of Gatecon.

The layout of the venue works very well for a convention like ours, and with the new ballroom, we are spoilt for space this time around. Our two main areas for convention activities will be that lovely new ballroom plus the Minoru (which was previously the main stage room).

A floor plan detailing what is happening where can be found HERE

How The Homecoming came about
We were in top secret talks with Paul Brown from Legends back in June 2015, as we have been keen to stage another event with Richard Dean Anderson since the hugely successful Gatecon 2008.  Paul and RDA were both ready to take part in a smaller, more intimate event in between their globe-trotting to larger festivals, and both were familiar with the quality and enjoyment provided by Gatecon.

Although we were unable to officially announce our plans until the beginning of September 2016, once we had various components locked into place, we were desperate to let the fans know what was in the pipeline and watch the excitement build.

Please note: the information supplied here and on the Gatecon website is going to be a very fluid entity between now and next year and is liable to change without notice. We welcome questions- that's what the forum is here for - but do bear in mind the answer could be coming from one of three time zones, so if you don't get a reply straight away, don't worry Just remind us if it's days later and still no response!!

Countdown to the Official Announcement

We decided to release a series of teaser images every day for a week before making the official announcement of our plans, though I think we gave the game away by the fifth teaser!!

Teaser 1 Released on 4th September 2015
More than hinting that there was something being planned for Vancouver

Teaser 2  TH-7 Released on 6th September2015
Introduced the first element in our Vangroovy theme - the tie-dye Gatecon logo

Teaser 3 TH-6 Released on 7th September 2015
More Vangroovy elements revealed with the flowers that form the basis of many Homecoming designs. First mention of our collaboration with Legends.

Teaser 4 TH-5 Released on 8th September 2015
This originally mentioned The Homecoming by name but was changed to keep the guessing games going on what TH stands for

Teaser 5 TG-4 Released on 9th September 2015
Definitely letting the cat out of the bag about our main guest. Just in case you still aren't sure...its Angus MacGyver!

Teaser 6 TH-3 Released on 10th September 2015
The biggest giveaway yet

Teaser 7 TH-2 Released on 11th September 2015
There had to be a rhyming teaser in there somewhere!

Teaser 8 TH-1 Released on 12th September 2015
The Word Search finally mentions The Man by name

Sunday 13th September 2015 - TH-0 : Official Announcement Day
The Press Release


Anyone who follows Gatecon on Facebook or Twitter will have seen the '#somethingsbrewing' banner followed by a series of daily cryptic, and not-so-cryptic teasers doing the rounds over the last seven days, all alluding to plans afoot for an event in Vancouver.

  Many of you quickly put two and two together, and didn't need to wait for the last giveaway teaser to guess what was going on, but in case you were in any doubt, yes, it is true.

Gatecon is joining forces with Legends to stage a brand new, exciting & memorable event –

The Homecoming :
A Weekend With Richard Dean Anderson, plus Friends & Special Guests

To be held in Vancouver from 8-12 September 2016.

  Gatecon has been biding its' time waiting for a return to its' traditional home of the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel (formerly the Richmond Inn), and when Paul Brown from Legends mentioned to them his desire to stage another Meet The Man style of event, the timing and opportunity seemed perfect.

  As Paul Brown explains; "although this new event will not be called Meet the Man 2, but instead will combine with Gatecon's plans for The Homecoming, it will still provide fans of The Man a similar opportunity to get up close and personal over the course of a long weekend.

  I am delighted to have the opportunity for Legends to link up with our friends at Gatecon for what will be a nostalgic reunion here in Vancouver, and one that is in support of Sea Shepherd.

  Our combined efforts will bring the fans an event unlike any other, as we have many very special events and activities planned in addition to the outstanding guests who will be joining us.

  I personally look forward to the planning process with Gatecon over the next few months, ultimately resulting in an event that we believe the fans will remember for years to come."

 For the Gatecon organisers, a return to Vancouver is long overdue, following on from the huge success of their eight previous conventions in the city between 2000 and 2010. Working on the project with Legends is the ideal comeback event.

  "We have known Paul from Legends for almost two decades and indeed had the pleasure of working with him when we produced our first Richard Dean Anderson event. So we are really looking forward to this new joint venture and aim to create something special, memorable and exciting for the fans and guests alike."

  All the usual Gatecon features will be there such as the Absolutely Everybody opening ceremony, autograph and photograph sessions, panels, banquet and charity auction, along with a whole host of new and unique convention activities, including a harbour cruise, glyph hunt, two costume competitions and much, much more, all wrapped up in a colourful 1960's Vangroovy theme.

  For the first time ever we will also be offering some pre-convention activities to keep the excitement building ahead of the main event. Full details to be released on the Gategoers forum and mailing list.
  The Homecoming will also be supporting Sea Shepherd, with whom Richard Dean Anderson has an ongoing affiliation. The charity auction will be held to raise funds for Sea Shepherd, and representatives from this organisation will also be on hand throughout the event to answer questions about their work.

  As the event title says, it is a weekend with Richard 'and Friends' so you can expect to see some very special guest announcements made over the coming months, along with some surprise appearances over the weekend itself.  As long press releases tend to lose the readers’ interest towards the end, just to test you are still with us, we can announce that our first official Special Guests are; the ever-popular Amanda Tapping, who will be dropping by to say hello during the course of the event. There will also be a special ‘Sanctuary for Kids’ booth in the dealer’s room. Joining Richard and Amanda will be fan-favourite Michael Shanks.

  So, as you can see, not only is something brewing but it is fast approaching boiling point! More event details will be released soon, including ticket prices and itinerary.

  In the meantime, if you haven't already, please join the Gategoers Forum at as that will be the place for the most up-to-date and detailed information on all aspects of The Homecoming. Join the mailing list so you can receive event updates straight into your inbox via The Homecoming Newletters. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

  We're excited. Are you?

Gategoers Forum
Mailing List :
Website :
Facebook Group :
Facebook Company Page :
Twitter : @GateconE

Also accompanying the press release was a rare copy of the Vangroovy Gazette dating from 1969:

Spoiler for a full size version click Show: [/img]

Hi on your twitter feed it states "Its official!! Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping & Michael Shanks at Gatecon 2016"

On the Website it states "we can announce that our first official Special Guest is the ever-popular Amanda Tapping, who will be dropping by to say hello during the course of the event"

Is Amanda Actually Attending as a Guest or just popping in ? ie Photo's & Auto's etc.


--- Quote from: HarrowCactus on September 13, 2015, 04:25:14 AM ---Hi on your twitter feed it states "Its official!! Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping & Michael Shanks at Gatecon 2016"

On the Website it states "we can announce that our first official Special Guest is the ever-popular Amanda Tapping, who will be dropping by to say hello during the course of the event"

Is Amanda Actually Attending as a Guest or just popping in ? ie Photo's & Auto's etc.

--- End quote ---

Hi HarrowCactus, Amanda will be confirming her exact schedule with us shortly. Following her return from Hungary in October, Paul Brown will be talking to Amanda about the details regarding her time and activity at the event, as well as her presence at the "Sanctuary for Kids" booth. Further details will be posted following their chat.

The event itinerary itself will be released once our full guest line-up has been finalised and their individual appearance times are known.

Does the convention begin on the 8th and end on the 12th, making it a five day event? Need to know for volunteer purposes.


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