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Hello ;)

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Hi, my name is Peggy and I m from germany. I´m new here. ;) Me and my boyfriend go to our first Gatecon.

"The Invasion 2018
14-16 September 2018 Richmond, Vancouver Canada"

Does anyone know the prices of the autographs? Maybe someone knows the approximate prices?

If the question is wrong here please delete.

Thanks a lot !!!

We cant wait.

Highlander II:
Autograph prices are determined by the actors/guests - they tend to range from $10-$25 depending on the actor/guest. That's solely based on previous Gatecon events. The prices could be entirely different this year.

Hope to have the full list ready to post next week.

And when the list is firmed up, perhaps photo op prices and a presale?  Less than 2 months  to go.  The anticipation builds...

No, no, no we have at least six months yet. Don’t we?????????


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