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A place for you to hook up with other people either wanting to share a room or who have a room to share.

Hi this is Annie. And I am looking for space in a room with fellow convention goers. I live in North Vancouver. But would prefer to stay at the hotel. As the commute by transit is a bitch everyday. Unfortunately due to unforeseen happening lastyear I had to lastyear but do not want to this year. As I missed tons of the evening events  :-\.

Just me looking to room with women. Will definitely pay my share of the room expenses


Anyone from Yorkshire, or elsewhere in UK need a room mate? Reason I say Yorkshire is because I'd prefer to meet anybody  willing to let me room with them before the event so we can get to know each other but rest of UK should be OK for a meet up at some point.

I'm nervous of leaving it until the event.

My name is Kara and I am looking for some roommates. I have never been to Gatecon but I did go to the Chicago Stargate Con these past two years. I am a 29/F and I currently do not have a hotel room but I would love to stay at or near the convention, preferably with other females. I am from the USA so this will also be my first time going to Canada! (excited!) I am also not sure what my transportation will be like  if we are at an offsite hotel since I will be flying in.

Hi Kara... the hotel has a free shuttle that runs from the airport to the Sheraton so transport shouldn't be a problem


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