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The Sea Shepherd Charity Auction

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PC - any activity marked PC means that it takes place Pre-Convention
OE - any activity marked OE is an Optional Extra and involves the purchase of a ticket add-on
FE - any activity marked FE means Free Entry and is included in your main convention ticket

The Sea Shepherd Charity Auction - FE
The Big One! Featuring props and costumes from the Stargate franchise plus much, much more. Our special guests will be up on stage acting as auctioneers. Expected items up for grabs include;

- Props and costumes from Stargate, Sanctuary, Andromeda and more...
- Stargate Legacy Collection Heirlooms
- Autographed production scripts from Stargate and Andromeda
- Sea Shepherd campaign used memorabilia
- Music memorabilia including signed guitars and gold records
- Swiss Army knife signed by Mac himself...Richard Dean Anderson many more surprises!

If you have been to a previous Gatecon you will know just how much fun the auction is, even if you aren't planning to bid on items.

* The Sea Shepherd Charity Auction will take place at 8pm on Saturday 10th September in the main Ballroom in West Tower
* Payment for any items won must be made in the room - credit card facilities will be available through Legends
* There will be a small number of items being auctioned for convention costs
We will be showcasing some of the items that have been kindly donated to the Homecoming Auction.

RAKU MASKS by Garwin Sanford

Will you take credit card? (which ones?)

Highlander II:

--- Quote from: TessaMac on September 15, 2015, 03:54:36 PM ---Will you take credit card? (which ones?)

--- End quote ---

They have in the past.  MC and Visa for sure typically.  Beyond that, Richard will probably know. =)

Yes for the charity auction Legends will be using their credit card facilities.

If you happen to have any items that you would like to donate to the charity auction could you let me know about them on this thread please, or feel free to email me with the details.
Many Thanks


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