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What about a beach cleaning?!

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Hi there!

That would be really great to do a beach cleaning during Gatecon... under a Sea Shepherd flag of course! Any volunteers?

Sounds interesting, important, and maybe even fun! Forgive my lack of knowledge on this topic -- please tell me more about what a beach cleanup involves.  Thanks!

First, we need volunteers to constitute a great team : a lot of Gaters would be perfect!  8)

A great team needs a name, so why not SG-E, for Stargate Earthforce? Saving Tau'ri from Goa'ulds was great, but today we need to save earth from trash! ;)

Standard equipement : gloves and garbage bags.  :o

Field : a dirty beach, and Sue (Waters, our local Sea Shepherd) could tell us where it would be more powerfull.  :P

Ultimate goal : a fun educative and productive ride!  :D

Sounds like a plan! Count me in and please let me know how I can assist  :) Thanks

Depending on when, count me in plus one!


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