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We will be launching photo op sales and pre-orders on Saturday 11th
August beginning at 0900hrs Vancouver (con) time (1700hrs BST).

We have set up a world time converter for the event at

We were not intending to offer pre-ordered photo-ops, but we have now
decided that we need to so that we can try to manage the sessions more
efficiently and reduce queuing time.  We have over 40 guests attending
and some are only available for photo’s on certain days over the
weekend, so some scheduling is needed and the only way we can achieve
this is by seeing where the demand is beforehand.

Platinum and Gold ticket holders have an allocation of Gatecoins and
these may be used to pay or part pay for photo ops in the Friday and
Saturday sessions, they cannot be used for the Sunday photo sessions.
We also promised that entry to the Friday and Saturday sessions would
be in ticket tier order so to achieve this we will offer the Platinum
ticket holders first access to pre-order their photo ops for the
Friday and Saturday sessions, followed on Sunday 12th Aug by Gold,
then on Monday 13th Aug Silver and on Tuesday 14th Copper.  Tickets
may be paid for at Registration at the event using cash, Gatecoins or Paypal.

Pre-purchase of the Sunday photo sessions for Amanda Tapping, Michael
Shanks and Lexa Doig will be open to all ticket tiers at the same
time, Saturday 11th August beginning 0900hrs Vancouver (con) time (1700hrs BST) and will be available until the limited number of opportunities have been sold.  Our
contracts specifically detail the amount of time that has been
allocated for their photos. Payment for these photo ops is by Paypal
at the time of ordering.  We will only offer sales on the day if there
is time available.

Time constraint will be a factor for all of the photo sessions and all
reasonable arrangements will be put in place to cater for all of the
pre-booked ops.  We will only offer sales at the event if there is
sufficient time available after all of the pre-booked or pre-sold ops
have been completed. If you decide to change your selection at the
event it will be subject to the availability of that guest.

The pre-orders will need to be paid for on Registration Thursday using
Paypal, cash or Gatecoins. There will be a payment desk alongside the
main registration tables. If you are not due to arrive by Thursday
please email us at so we can work out an
alternative option.

If you wish to have more than one person in the shot (max 4) each
person will need to purchase a photo op and each will receive a print

Here is the list of photo op prices for each guest along with the day they are due to have them taken. Prices for photo ops are in US$. We will release the payment option info later in the week with sales going live on Saturday 11th August.

Actor's Prices (Autos are in brackets, paid direct to the guest. Any not shown means we do not have that info yet)

Amanda Tapping $50 Sunday (CAD$40)
Michael Shanks $50 Sunday (CAD$40)
Lexa Doig $40 Sunday (CAD$30)
Michael & Lexa (limited availability) $90 Sunday

Christopher Judge $50 Friday
Paul McGillion $40 Friday
Alexis Cruz $40 Friday (CAD$30/US$25)
Cliff Simon $40 Friday (US$40)
Gary Jones $40 Friday (CAD$20)
Colin Cunningham $40 Friday (US$30)
David deLuise $40 Friday (US$30/CAD$40)
Peter Williams $40 Friday (US$30/CAD$40)

Jill Teed $30 Friday (CAD$20)
Herbert Duncanson $30 Friday (CAD/US$20)
Patrick Currie $30 Friday (CAD/US$20)
Megan Leitch $30 Friday (CAD$20)
Andee Frizzell $30 Friday (US/CAD$20)
Steve Bacic $30 Friday (CAD$20)
Jacqueline Samuda $30 Friday (US$25)
Dean Aylesworth $30 Friday (US$20)
Douglas Arthurs $30 Friday (US$20)
Andrew Jackson $30 Friday (CAD$25)
Peter Flemming $30 Friday (US$20)
Rainbow Sun Francks $30 Friday
Bill Butt $30 Friday (CAD$20)
Simone Bailly $30 Friday (CAD$20)
Alex Zahara $30 Friday (CAD$30)

Teryl Rothery $40 Saturday (CAD$40/US$35)
JR Bourne $40 Saturday (US$40/CAD$50)
Peter Kelamis $30 Saturday (CAD$20)
Mike Dopud $30 Saturday (US$25)
Sharon Taylor $30 Saturday (CAD/US$20)
Frida Betrani $30 Sunday

Martin Wood (CAD$20)
Barry Campbell (US/CAD$10)

Could you please make this a bit more confusing 🤗

I'm sure I can if you'd like

Just as a sanity check, PreSALE of Sunday Photo Session opens for ALL attendees at 0900 Vancouver Time on Saturday 11 AUG.  Payment is due at the time of placing the order.
All other photo ops for Friday and Saturday sessions are Pre ORDER only, and payment is due AT THE Convention during Registration, Thursday, 13 September.
Orders for the Friday and Saturday sessions are being offered to attendees based on the Ticket Tier they hold. 
Platinum begins this Saturday.  Question: also at 0900?
Gold Tier is Sunday
Silver will be Monday
and Copper will be Tuesday.

Prepayment for these would be by arrangement.

Did I get that right?

After that I could use a drink.


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