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Teal c:
Is anyone else not particularly thrilled about the upcoming prequel series? Personally I'm glad they've decided to produce some new stargate but I'm not sure it's going to pan out well. Ten episodes each 10 minutes in length is a bit disappointing

Withholding judgement until I've seen it. Agree anything that keeps the franchise going has to be a good thing and might just introduce a whole new generation of people to the series we all love...and might mean Stargate conventions can go on longer :)


What did everyone think of Origins? I wanted to stop watching after the second episode, but i soldiered through and finished it.

Did it feel like stargate? ya a bit, did it satisfy me? no. Do i want more?! If theres no other options lol.

What did you guys think about the EXTREMELY CONVENIENT way of wrapping everything up?? I think its super messed up he saved her life and she wont even remember him. ALSO, why the heck was that thing so darn effective? I dont recall them using the hand device to be so SPECIFIC in its memory alterations.

 I loved it from beginning to end. It did nothing for me but to want more SG, so long as they don't mess it up like they did with SGU I'd be happy. My only complaint is that it wasn't available for all SG fans even for those in areas where the 'all access' pass was available. They should have found a way for some TV network to pick it up.


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