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Suggestions / Re: Got a Question?
« Last post by Highlander II on May 22, 2017, 01:55:42 PM »
unrelated to the convention itself... can we make the forum header banner a touch smaller? it's huge and takes up 100% of the screen real-estate if you don't use max'd windows.
Our Guest List / Re: The Guest-List for The Invasion 2018
« Last post by Richard on May 21, 2017, 03:37:49 AM »
Another Gatecon regular who will be making a welcome return in 2018 is Gary Jones, best known for playing Walter Harriman in Stargate Sg-1, The Ark of Truth, Continuum, Atlantis and Universe.

He will be joined by Walter Harriman, best known for playing Gary Jones outside of Stargate SG-1, The Ark of Truth, Continuum, Atlantis and Universe.

Getting Around Vancouver & Beyond / Pre-paid sim card for travellers to Canada
« Last post by Richard on May 18, 2017, 08:04:36 AM »
We mentioned this in 2016 and looks like it is still on offer although it looks like the prices have increased.
If anyone knows of, or finds a better deal anywhere, please post on this thread.

Sim card plans
Getting Around Vancouver & Beyond / Taxi
« Last post by Richard on May 18, 2017, 08:01:07 AM »

The Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel recommends RICHMOND TAXI

Whether you need transportation for a special event or a smooth ride to Vancouver Airport, Richmond Taxi is your experienced, eco-friendly personal chauffeur service. Since the 1930s, the distinctive red Richmond Taxi cabs have been a familiar sight in Richmond and the Lower Mainland. Our fleet of 98 vehicles includes 11 wheelchair-accessible vans and 17 six-passenger vans.
Experienced Drivers
Our skilled and experienced drivers know the ins and outs of Vancouver traffic and geography to get you to your destination as safely and quickly as possible. Visitors to the beautiful province of British Columbia can step aboard a Richmond Taxi for a great guided tour by drivers who know the sights you have to see and the restaurants and other attractions you shouldn’t miss.

Through our long history, we have been a part of some of Vancouver’s most memorable events, such as the 1986 Expo and the 2010 Olympics. Richmond residents, visitors, tourists and VIPs have been our passengers and become our loyal friends, expecting the same high level of professional service and safety every time they call.

Call us at 604-272-1111 for Richmond cab service to your door at any time. Book online, 20 minutes prior to your desired ride time. (Please note that there may occasionally be delays in transmission for online booking.) Take a look at our cab identification numbers before we arrive, so you can be sure that the cab at your door is one of ours.

We look forward to serving you!

Website : Richmond Taxi
Getting Around Vancouver & Beyond / Re: Vancouver transport links
« Last post by Richard on May 18, 2017, 07:59:54 AM »
General getting around info

Ferry to Vancouver Island
The B.C. Ferry terminal is only 20 minutes from downtown Richmond with sailings to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Regular daily sailings to Swartz Bay (Victoria) leave the Port of Tsawwassen every two hours on the odd hour with more frequent sailings during summer months and holidays. Daily sailings are also available on the Mid-Island Express from Tsawwassen to Nanaimo. Call the Ferry Hotline at 604-277-0277 for rates and seasonal schedules. Advance reservations can be made for an additional fee. Paid parking is also available if you want to leave your vehicle at the Ferry Terminal on the mainland.

Visit the BC Ferries Website at

The Airport
Located on Richmond's second largest island, Sea Island, the Vancouver International Airport is less than ten minutes away from downtown Richmond and is easily accessible by public transit, hotel shuttle, taxi and limousine services. Visitors on flights originating in Vancouver must pay a small departure fee before entering security gates. For more information visit the Vancouver International Airport Authority (YVR) web site.

Car Rental
All major car rental companies have locations at the airport. Regular shuttles are available to take you from arrival and departure gates and the car rental lot of your choice. Several car rental companies also operate in Richmond City Centre.

Cycling to the Other Side
In the summer, The Ministry of Highways operates an hourly shuttle service for cyclists through the George Massey Tunnel. Pick up and drop off points are on the West side of Highway 99, opposite Tourism Richmond's Visitor Information Centre, and at the junction of Highways 99 and 17, near the Town and Country Inn. See the Regional Cycling Section of this website for more information.

Driving and Bike Safety
B.C.'s driving laws are consistent with those of other provinces and most U.S. States. Provincial law requires that all passengers wear seat-belts; infant restraints must secure children under five years old and motorcyclists and bicyclists must wear helmets. To ensure your safety and that of others, B.C. strictly enforces its impaired driving law. If involved in an accident with a B.C. licensed and registered vehicle, call 604-520-8222.

Services for People with Disabilities
Special parking spaces are provided throughout Richmond. Temporary handicapped parking permits are available at City Hall. Services are also available for persons who are hearing or speech impaired. The City of Richmond also offers Special Needs Assistance to enable people with disabilities to enjoy and participate in a variety of activities. Call 604-276-4107 for further information.

Wheelchair Accessible transportation can be arranged through Richmond Cabs 604-272-1111 or Kimber Cabs 604-278-2155.  If you are a Handidart customer from another jurisdiction, Handidart transportation can be arranged well in advance of travel. Call 604-279-7090 for Handydart  information. Call 604-453-4634 for general information on accessible public transit, or see:

Public Transportation
The Coast Mountain Bus Company services operate throughout Richmond and Greater Vancouver and are easy to access and very convenient. Call 604-521-0400 for routes and schedules or visit their website at

A new guest room block has been made available at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, with limited availability, at a rate of $239. Please proceed with making your reservation on the booking site.

Limited guest room block is now open at the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, at a rate of $219. To make reservations, please contact Cecilia BY EMAIL ONLY at - 
These prices are before taxes.

This is on a first come basis as there won't be enough rooms for everyone, so I would recommend you get one quickly. The other possibility is to check the room sharing thread on the forum. Once this new lot of rooms have been taken it's highly unlikely we will get any more but it would always be worth contacting the hotel and asking. Should anyone cancel from the original room block that room or rooms would become available. I will advise if that happens.

I apologise in advance if anyone misses out on a room but I have got as many as I can. Other rooms are likely to be available but at full price.

The Invasion 2018 / Re: Sheraton Room Bookings link
« Last post by Saloja90 on May 18, 2017, 05:42:57 AM »
hey  :D
Thank u for your answer. I already wrote cecilia an e-mail. :D
Getting Around Vancouver & Beyond / Vancouver transport links
« Last post by Richard on May 17, 2017, 06:05:33 PM »
The Skytrain is a fast and cheap way of travelling from the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel and Downtown.

At the time of writing the following times and prices are accurate but please be sure to check before you travel.

Richmond-Brighouse Station

The closest station to the hotel is Richmond-Brighouse on the Canada Line (red line) situated on No. 3 Rd. across the street from Richmond Centre Mall in Richmond. Close to Minoru Park and Richmond City Hall.
This is a Zone 2 station.

Richmond-Brighouse Station map (pdf)
Richmond-Brighouse Website

Waterfront Station Canada Line
On West Cordova St. between Granville and Seymour in downtown Vancouver, this station links to SeaBus and West Coast Express. Enter from Cordova through the old railway station or from the dedicated Canada Line entrance on Granville just south of Hastings.

Waterfront Station Canada Line map (pdf)

Vancouver City Centre Station
On the southwest corner of Granville St. and West Georgia St. in downtown Vancouver. Enter from street level.. Or, beneath street level, enter from Pacific Centre or Vancouver Centre malls.

Vancouver City Centre Station map (pdf)

Skytrain Travel Times Between Stations - Canada Line
This table shows station to station travel times. Allow extra time between platform and station entrance, and for bus connections.

* Indicates that you must transfer between trains at Bridgeport Station.

2   Vancouver City Centre
4   2   Yaletown - Roundhouse
6   4   2   Olympic Village
7   5   3   1   Broadway - City Hall
9   7   5   3   2   King Edward
12   10   8   6   5   3   Oakridge - 41st
14   12   10   8   7   5   2   Langara - 49th
17   15   13   11   10   8   5   3   Marine Drive
19   17   15   13   12   10   7   5   2   Bridgeport
21   19   17   15   14   12   9   7   4   2   Aberdeen
23   21   19   17   16   14   11   9   6   4   2   Lansdowne
25   23   21   19   18   16   13   11   8   6   4   2   Richmond - Brighouse
22   20   18   16   15   13   10   8   5   3   5*   7*   9*   Templeton
24   22   20   18   17   15   12   10   7   5   7*   9*   11*   2   Sea Island Centre
26   24   22   20   19   17   14   12   9   7   9*   11*   13*   4   2   YVR - Airport

SkyTrain/Seabus Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) accept coins and bills (up to $20), as well as debit/credit cards.

Buying a single fare lets you travel for up to 90 minutes (upon purchase) across the Lower Mainland. You can hop off for errands and then hop back on again. You can travel for one, two or three zones by bus, SeaBus or SkyTrain. Tickets for West Coast Express must be purchased separately as they are priced differently.

Regular Fares
Weekdays from start of service to 6:30 p.m.

Zone   Adult Price   Concession Price
1 Zone   $2.75      $1.75
2 Zone   $4           $2.75
3 Zone   $5.50      $3.75
Weekdays after 6:30 p.m. and all day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

Zone   Adult Price   Concession Price
All Zones   $2.75   $1.75

HandyDART* Single Fares
Single Fares   Price
1 Zone   $2.75
2 Zone   $2.75
3 Zone   $4
4 or more Zones   $5.50
*HandyDART uses specially equipped vehicles to carry passengers with physical or cognitive disabilities who are unable to use public transit without assistance. Visit the HandyDART page to learn more.

For all other Skytrain / TransLink information visit their main website HERE

You can buy single tickets at skytrain stations that work on buses but you can't buy tickets on buses that work on skytrain (or sea bus).

If you're going to be traveling a fair bit and/or using buses as well as the skytrain, you'd be best getting the actual compass card. You can get these from the machines at skytrain stations for $6 deposit. Some London drugs stores have them too, but the machines are a better bet. You can load stored value on the card and, if you are traveling a fair bit, you'll actually save that $6 in no time as fares are cheaper if using stored value (1 zone would cost $2.10 instead of $2.75 for example). You can still get the deposit back after your trip at the compass centre at Stadium Chinatown station. Or you can keep it as a souvenir, or even for the next time you visit as stored value never runs out, just register the card online and during your next visit, you just need to reactivate it.

Buses are tap in only. No need to tap out. Also, all bus journeys are 1 zone fare regardless of distance traveled. And all travel (including skytrain and sea bus) is 1 zone fare during off peak hours (after 6:30pm weekdays and all weekend).

It's extremely simple really, but it always pays to be prepared in advance.

Taking the skytrain from Vancouver (YVR) airport station has a $5 surcharge, but not when going to the station.
Getting Around Vancouver & Beyond / Sightseeing discounts
« Last post by Richard on May 17, 2017, 06:03:40 PM »
Info to follow. I'll be trying for discounts on flightseeing tours again, whale watching and entrance fees.
If you know of anything that may be of interest to your fellow travellers please post here and I'll get in touch with them.
Gategoers at The Invasion / Re: Meet-a-Gater
« Last post by Highlander II on May 17, 2017, 03:17:15 PM »
I'm Highlander II (H2 for short... no, really, I'll answer to any of these). I've been to most of the Gatecons - I've missed 4, 1 I didn't know about, 1 I didn't know about until about a month before it happened and the 2 in the UK. I've been to all the rest and volunteered at all but the 1st one. I even wrote up a 'what it's like to volunteer at Gatecon' post last year:

I play Ingress b/c it's awesome - and maybe this time I won't get a freakin' cold and I'll be able to go to Minoru Park and do a mission or two over there. =) (If you want an invite to the game, let me know and I'll send you one. XD)

I also spend a lot of time here on the forum answering questions when Richard's asleep. =)
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