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The Vangroovy Harbour Cruise

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Hi Gemma,

yes its going to be a couple of weeks away anyway but will give you a heads up ahead of time...I'll be posting the prices etc here before tickets go live.


Sounds very interesting; I would love to go on a '3 hour tour'.  ;)


--- Quote from: PamK1950 on September 23, 2015, 02:13:39 PM ---Is there a limited number of tickets for the cruise?

--- End quote ---

There better be or the boat will sink!  😂😉

Sorry it's getting late! I think I should go to bed! ☺

lol, if we get enough people signing up for it we will get a boat all to ourselves. If we don't meet the target required by the cruise company we will have to share with other sightseers, though you have to feel sorry for them!!!

Richard, Do you already have a cruise line in mind, and what is the minimum limit we need to get the boat to ourselves?


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