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The Vangroovy Harbour Cruise

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Will this cruise take place before or after the con?
I'd like to start looking for flights. ::)

The date etc is just under the photos in the first post

Thank you!
Was too blind to see it.  :-[

Highlander II:

--- Quote from: Rincewind on October 04, 2015, 02:31:55 PM ---Thank you!
Was too blind to see it.  :-[

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There's a LOT of information on here... if you're reading fast, it's easy to miss. =)


--- Quote from: Richard on August 26, 2015, 07:00:42 AM ---PC - any activity marked PC means that it takes place Pre-Convention
OE - any activity marked OE is an Optional Extra and involves the purchase of a ticket add-on
FE - any activity marked FE means Free Entry and is included in your main convention ticket

The Vangroovy Harbour Cruise - OE

Taking place during the day on Thursday 8th September 2016, this is your first chance to show off your 1960's costume - provided you dare travel downtown in it??? Costume is not compulsory to join the cruise.

A great way to get into the convention spirit, to meet up with your fellow-Gaters and to see the beauty of Vancouver from the water

* Ticket price for the 3 hour cruise will be announced soon and must be purchased in advance through the Gatecon website
* Cruise departs from the Waterfront. Time TBC. Click HERE for departure point map
* During the cruise there will be the opportunity to talk to representatives from Sea Shepherd
* We expect some of our special guests to be on board
* Important - you will need to make your own way down to the waterfront for the cruise. The Skytrain runs from the Sheraton right down to the Waterfront at a cost of $4 single journey and the journey time is approx 25 minutes plus 5-10 minutes walk to the cruise departure point
* The ship will be available to board up to one hour prior to the departure time of
For more Skytrain info click HERE

--- End quote ---

Hi Richard,

I know you're mega busy sorting tickets and sending the manual confirmations of tickets purchased BUT just a quick question. Will you inform us ahead of time as to when tickets for this excursion and the others will go on sale? :)

Thanks for all the hard work!

Gemma x


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