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PC - any activity marked PC means that it takes place Pre-Convention
OE - any activity marked OE is an Optional Extra and involves the purchase of a ticket add-on
FE - any activity marked FE means Free Entry and is included in your main convention ticket

Costume Competition 1 - Stargate - FE

Always a popular part of the convention, attendees are invited to create, bring along and wear a Stargate-themed costume. This could be your favourite team member from the show, or perhaps your favourite alien.

* Please note no weapons, real or replica, are allowed as part of the costume.The only exception is zat guns/staff weapons. Nothing that can be mistaken for an actual, (non-alien), weapon will be allowed. In today's climate we are sure you understand the reasons.
* There will be a parade of costumes and the winner will receive the Peggyan Rodriguez Memorial Trophy. Peggyan attended the first Gatecon and was our costume competition organiser

Costume Competition 2 - Vangroovy! - FE

As you may have gathered there is a 1960's theme to The Homecoming to celebrate the Stargate SG-1 episode 1969. Gaters are encouraged to bring along a suitable outfit reflecting the episode or the era. We appreciate costumes take up valuable suitcase space, so we are making several of the activities costume-based, though as always there is no obligation to wear a costume

Any convention activity using the term "Vangroovy" in its title is one where you are welcome to wear your 1960's costume (although please feel free to wear it throughout the event if you wish)

A secret judge will be checking out the 1960's fashionistas and an overall winner will be announced during the event.

Are you planning to take part in either of the costume competitions, or both?

We would love to hear what you have planned - photos of your creations as they progress are welcome. Unless of course it is a top secret project!

We would at least like to get an idea of the number of people who will be dressing the part, so we can plan accordingly. Therefore please take part in the poll at the top of this thread.

Many Thanks.

I knew about the 'Vangroovy' theme but how did I miss the Stargate one?!

If I enter the costume competition, can I make the costume for someone else to wear?


--- Quote from: AmyCat on December 08, 2015, 05:01:03 AM ---If I enter the costume competition, can I make the costume for someone else to wear?

--- End quote ---

I can't see that being a problem at all Amy. You might have to fight over the trophy if the costume wins though!!


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