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You and me both...and yes 9am each day.

I miss Dan Shea in this list. Doesn't he do a photo op?

Sale complete and paid thru PayPal.  Hopefully confirmed  with Gate on.  Selections for Friday and Saturday  made.  Hopefully they stick after logging out.  The excitement builds.

Regarding the selections for Friday and Saturday - I clicked on the guests I want to pre-order a photo op with but there doesn’t seem to be any ‘confirm’ or ‘submit’ selections button.
I just clicked on the guests, they appeared in a list at the bottom of the page with an amount I’ll be paying at Registration, and then I just went back to the My Gatecon area.
Presumably if the guest now has a red 1 on their photo in the My Gatecon area my selections have been recorded?
If not, please let me know if I’m missing doing anything. Thank you.

Yup if you have the red number all is good


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