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Photo op pre-orders for GOLD ticket holders go live today

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--- Quote from: Richard on August 12, 2018, 03:04:11 AM ---Hi Monica yes they will be.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, Richard!

SILVER TICKETS - don't forget the Friday and Saturday photo op pre-orders go live for you today. Check the world clock for your local time

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Just took advantage of Richard's offer to pre-pay the rest of my photo ops. The transaction completed quickly without a hitch.  One less issue to contend with at Registration.  Thank you Richard for  coordinating the option.

I'm still confused about the autographs specifically.
Will the on-location convention store be selling photos of the actors that we can then take to autograph sessions ?

I've only been finding information on "photo ops", but not anything about how the autographs will work.
Thank you in advance!!  :D


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