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So is anyone else boring the bejeesus out of their families/work colleagues* with countdown to Canada and Gatecon.

Would you believe it, I'm down to 23 days 19 hours to go till I set off to Canada.

Share any plans???

*delete the applicable


who is packed as well

32 days, 11 hours for me.  Still collecting items to bring, but most of my lists are made.  Trying to get as much prepaid as possible. 

I haven’t started gathering, list making, or packing anything yet, hahaha! I’ll probably start making lists in a week or 2.

Dying to be gone already! I'll be doing the lists and packing thing this weekend then enduring two and half days of work next week before I can escape!

I’m heading to the airport in six hours, then the wonderful three hours of doom at the airport followed by nine hours of “no-one can contact me” bliss...oh wait, there’s free wi-fi on board.


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