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Vancouver Whale Watch (Steveston) - Discount for Gategoers



Vancouver Whale Watch are offering Gategoers a 20% discount on their regular prices (currently CAD$130-140 for a 3-5 hour cruise). Use the code GATECON2018 when making your booking. You may also need to produce your convention badge or confirmation email upon arrival for your tour.

From the tour company:
"Please note, when delegates are making a booking, we do require a credit card number to secure the seats, but they only pay for the tour on the day of tour at our office, so we do not pre-charge the credit cards.  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy, so if someone were to cancel their tour within that time or not show up or show up with less than they requested, and we are not able to re-sell the seats, then we will charge the card on file."

Vancouver Whale Watch™ provides passengers with the adventure of a lifetime through excellent customer service, first class vessels, the highest possible safety standards and added value from an on-the-water education of the west coast eco-system. We emphasise science and conservation while maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere.

We belong to an extensive spotting network including ferries, fishermen, land based spotters and most important other whale watching boats. Members of the Pacific Whale Watch Association work co-operatively on the water to search the areas inhabited by the whales ensuring the highest sighting success rate. Our company is dedicated to going where the whales are.

Should you not see a whale, come again for free until you do, for life, no expiry.

Vancouver Whale Watch is now offering shuttle service at all the Richmond hotels, as well as shuttle service directly to the airport after a whale watch tour if requested.  Please note, we also have 9 different pick-up locations downtown Vancouver, should some of your guests choose to stay at a hotel outside of Richmond.  The shuttle cost from Richmond is $15.00 return trip.

We also have free parking available and passengers can pre-order a lunch for the trip as well.

Vancouver Whale Watch Website

Steveston is a picturesque West Coast fishing village featuring spectacular views and a lively collection of unique shops, galleries and restaurants.  Gategoers can enjoy the famous fish & ships or an ice cream while taking a stroll through Storybrooke Maine, (aka Steveston, BC) home of ABC’s hit show Once Upon a Time. The village was also used as a location for Stargate.

12240 Second Ave, Richmond, BC

Went on this last year.  FANTASTIC!!!!  I loved walking through the town and the little shops. ♥♥♥♥

The shuttle pick up was soooo helpful for us to reach Steveston. Anyone else need to reach Steveston via public transport, use the SkyTrain down to Bridgeport, then the 407 bus from across the station towards Steveston (southbound) will take you there, it will just take longer. Can't remember if it was 30 or 45 minutes. To head back northbound, check the 410 or 407 buses. Alight at the stop at 4th Street and Chatham (mention it to the driver as you have no idea as to what it looks like, he/she will usually be more than happy to help.) From there it's just a matter of walking to Moncton Street. If you know Once Upon A Time (the show), locate the building used for the Storybrooke Library and across from it you'll find a huge sign on the wall that goes "Steveston Marine Hardware". 50yds down that street is Vancouver Whale Watch (you have a post with an orca and a sign to point it).

If needing help to move around / re: directions, drop me a PM. Spent a few days in  Steveston and I plan to go back at Easter so I can see if I can help you guys out if needs be.

With the shuttle.
You get there for a specific time, register some paperwork with the main office (mostly a security thing) and get your ticket, receive your whole waterproof vest (can't keep it, oops) and go to meet the crew of your ship. Our captain and guide were very knowledgeable and we loved the experience through and through. The sights were to behold, too !

Once you get back, the shop offers a series of memorabilia (clothing, and other items) for which the proceeds partly go to support the endeavours in marine research. And before you leave the ship, do make sure to take a look / take a picture at the map ! Just ask ! Our guide had every sighting written down on a map of the area, and I took a picture of it to remember it. They also have a visual guide the the known individuals / pods, going by the fin mark, to help them identify which orca is which and I snapped pics of it too to have even more infos about the animals we saw.

When we went out we had sightings of a few pods hunting, a couple resident ones and one or two transient ones, then we went up to have sights of a colony of mammals (sea lions? seals? I can't remember now I'd have to have a look again)

Well worth the time, and I'll do it again as soon as I hit Steveston again. Plus the main office is like less than a hundred yards from the Fisherman's Wharf, which is the pier area with a lot of small shops, restaurants (personnaly had a go / loved Shaddy Island and the Tapenade (the manager was giving live entertainment and damn was he good too :P )  or even Pajo's Fish & Chips for quick snacks. Lots to do, see and have opportunities to eat at. Must see and must do again !


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