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William here adding my name to this forum. I came over from England last time, and am looking forward to attending the next con in Vancouver.
Please give plenty of notice as to when the tickets are going on sale.
I do not really mind where I sit, just as long as I get the ticket.
Already saving up for a look around the city next time if anyone would like to join us.

So as we near the end of 2017 and all the plans start to come together, I just want to say I am getting soo excited and am commencing countdown for Gatecon The Invasion.

Have a great and safe New Year


Anyone else booked flights yet?

Just done mine.

Can't wait, so will start packing.

Excited me? Hell yea.

Got my tickets!!

Cant wait for the event and to meet all you fellow Gategoers.

First time at the event, long time fan hope to meet a bunch of like minded individuals for a good time!!

Currently 3 days post surgery on right foot. By the time gatecon starts, my feet will be all healed. I cant wait, but sat watching tv, knitting and crochet to keep me going. Jumper to knit for traveling in. 

busy busy whilst laid up.


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