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Ok will do

Not 100% sure by now but could u add me to the list too?

I have been ill so I missed seeing that you could book a room. Any chance there will be more rooms coming available?
Please add me to the waiting list.


Will soon have a few more rooms available but when they have gone it will be a case of room sharing or hoping for cancellations.


A new guest room block has been made available at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, with limited availability, at a rate of $239. Please proceed with making your reservation on the booking site.

Limited guest room block is now open at the Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel, at a rate of $219. To make reservations, please contact Cecilia BY EMAIL ONLY at - 
These prices are before taxes.

This is on a first come basis as there won't be enough rooms for everyone, so I would recommend you get one quickly. The other possibility is to check the room sharing thread on the forum. Once this new lot of rooms have been taken it's highly unlikely we will get any more but it would always be worth contacting the hotel and asking. Should anyone cancel from the original room block that room or rooms would become available. I will advise if that happens.

I apologise in advance if anyone misses out on a room but I have got as many as I can. Other rooms are likely to be available but at full price.


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