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The Guest-List for The Invasion 2018

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Another Gatecon regular who will be making a welcome return in 2018 is Gary Jones, best known for playing Walter Harriman in Stargate Sg-1, The Ark of Truth, Continuum, Atlantis and Universe.

He will be joined by Walter Harriman, best known for playing Gary Jones outside of Stargate SG-1, The Ark of Truth, Continuum, Atlantis and Universe.

Rejoining the Gatecon guest list after 16 years is Alexis Cruz who played Skaara in both the original movie and SG-1

It's always great when we welcome back a returning guest to our next event. Likewise it's exciting when we welcome a new guest for the first time. Joining us at The Invasion in 2018 for his first Gatecon experience will be Rainbow Sun Francks, who played Lt Aiden Ford in Stargate Atlantis.

Meanwhile apologies for all the broken images on the forum - as you may know by now, Photobucket are holding their free account members to ransom by demanding $400 a year to provide third party hosting. Please bear with us while we change to an alternative method. The most crucial images will be replaced as time permits.

Steve Bacic, (Camulus/Major Coburn) and Dan Shea, (Msgt Siler/Stunt coordinator/stunt double) are also confirmed for The Invasion 2018.


Ready and willing to answer impossible questions will be real-life scientist, and the brains behind the scrawling equations written by Dr Rodney McKay in SGA, Mika McKinnon

Mika was with us in 2016 so if you have a burning astrophysical question head on over to her table at The Invasion.


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