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Dr. Carson Beckett:
Thanks for the reply, I hope my criticism wasn't taken the wrong way as I truly do respect and appreciate the efforts of all involved to pull off a great convention. I totally understand the need for the mugshot sheets and, given that Gatecon will run less photo rooms for the next convention may I suggest (unless it has already been considered, of course) that the vacant rooms be used for photo pick ups instead of the dealer's room? That way it could be set up to minimize the length of lines while not having to dodge people trying to get to other tables.

I also fully understand that there will be "growing pains" after a lengthy layoff but hopefully some of my suggestions were helpful and can provide some options for the next con. Objectively, I think the large number of guests may have hurt the con from an organizational standpoint, as it is very difficult to manage so many bodies, though I do think having a set schedule of events detailing the times and participants of panels and photo ops would be a great help for everybody involved; organizers, guess and attendees alike. As I mentioned, it would make planning out how to make the most of the day so much easier. It could even be the factor which takes a great convention and makes it an amazing one.

Finally, thank-you for undertaking what must have been a thankless and stressful task of coordinating the photo ops and dealing with the printer issues. Even though my System Lords photo was lost to the camera failure, I am very happy with my other photos.

Oh, one final thing, I don't know if it had to do with plans by Gatecon or by the Sheraton, but one complaint I heard from in the ballroom was that the seats were placed too close together, that being with absolutely no room between them at all. I can attest to the "sardine in a can" feeling when sitting between two people as I had to site with my arms unnaturally and uncomfortably pressed against my sides. Perhaps removing five or so seats from each row and then using the added space to provide some breathing room between them. There was, at least, ample leg room as I've had to endure some very uncomfortable flights in the past because of my long legs.

Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be able to return to the next Gatecon. Thanks again for helping to make it a reality.

Someone mentioned they had seen an announcement for the next Gatecon on Facebook. Does anyone know where I can find that announcement (I need to see things for myself to believe them lol) and when the tickets will be available for next year?

I had a fantastic time. I vaguely remember some scheduling snafus, but they didn't hinder my experience in the least and they've already been covered on this thread. I'd like to focus more on next year.

I loved the small feel of this con, and how laid back may of the celebs were with the fans. I loved sitting in the hotel bar having a drink with Corin Nemek, Simone Bailly, Roger Cross and a few others. Invite back all of the really friendly celebs, and give them time in the schedule to "hangout" with the fans like they did this year. Sprinkling them around the room for the banquet was genius, and I was just really impressed with how approachable many of them were.

For next year, I'd love to see Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Joe Flannigan, and David Hewlet, but whomever is able to come will be great. Certain guests do make the experience better, but to me, Gatecon itself is the draw. Thanks for an unforgettable weekend.

No dates have been announced. On the Gatecon Gategoers FB page, an attendee mentioned that the front desk clerk confirmed the convention for 2017.

That would be great, since this time I sadly had to cancel my trip.  :'(

So I'd like next con to take place again in Vancouver, again at the Sheraton and again with Richard Dean Anderson among the guests, who I'm pretty sure would be happy to go there again (fingers crossed). :)

Highlander II:
Gatecon 2017 will be at the Sheraton in Richmond (same place as 2016).  Guests, obviously, haven't been decided yet.  The organizers will take a few months off before they get started again.

But keep the ideas coming... especially for folks you want to see at the con. 


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