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Wow, I'm so happy! Thanks Highlander for this great news.

I really hope for Richard Dean Anderson, but also others, like Michael Shanks, Corin Nemec, Peter Williams, Michael Greenburg or any other guests you can find.

About the dates, if possible, I'd prefer after the 10th of any month, because before that day I might not be able to get days off work (fingers crossed again :) )

Highlander II:
I think they're still sorting out the dates, but, if they stick with typical Gatecon scheduling - it'll be in September, around the same time as this year. 

This is totally wild guessing/ballparking.  They could come back with something entirely different. =)   

Thanks Highlander, I'll wait for the announcement.  :)

Other suggestions? Here they are:

1) An harbour cruise just like the one I missed
2) A discounted helicopter tour instead of a seaplane
3) Another idea for the guests: Teryl Rothery

I am so excited for the next Gatecon !
Have been going to cons for over 40 years, but 1st Gatecon and I was very impressed with the organization.
I met wonderful people and great and friendly guests.
Richard and his crew deserve kudos and a "short" rest before planning the next great get together.


 I really enjoyed coming to Vancouver and GateCon.
We would like to come over again next year. It was a great experience and everybody was friendly.
Something I will not forget in a hurry.
It was really special meeting all of the guests as well as having photos and autographs.
The hotel was very clean and tidy and the food was good.

Like William, I really enjoyed attending the convention and loved Vancouver. I could have spent more time there but unfortunately was constrained with the amount of time that William was allowed to be away from school. He had a wonderful experience coming over and is still talking about it.
The hotel was very good, the rooms clean and the food very good. William ate all of his banquet meal so it must have been pretty good as well. He is not picky by any means but is at that funny age now.
The convention was relaxed and not regimented. The photo sessions were also relaxed. This appealed to me as life and work are so organized it is sometimes difficult to relax. I was able to relax at the convention.The panel talks were also good.
The guests were very approachable and gave a truly wonderful experience. We had a nice talk to Mr. Tom McBeath which William really enjoyed.
Even Alex Zahara remembered him from 2 years ago and had a nice talk to him.
I was impressed that Mr. Anderson was able to come in spite of his injury. It would have been understandable for him to cancel because of it. I am impressed that he still chose to come and was so approachable during the convention. William was really looking forward to meeting him, and was able to chat to him for a couple of minutes which was a wonderful experience.
The photo sessions went well, despite the printing problems. Will was able to collect his photos on the Saturday evening. I was impressed with the size of the photos as well. They were much larger than the ones taken at Showmasters photo shoots. So well done on that front.
We both feel we would like the same feel and number of guests.
Hopefully Mr. Anderson can come again which is always the icing on the cake.
Also keep it to STARGATE only. We did hear talk about catering for other shows, but with only one thousand attendees it might be difficult to justify other guests.
I feel that the the guest/attendee ratio was just right as well.
Here`s hoping for next year, and well done for this year.


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