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Highlander II:
Gatecon tradition is holding steady... we're gonna get rain.

The forecast has been very unreliable as of late, so I'm sure it will change approximately 7 or 8 times until then :)

If you live here in the Pacific Northwest, then you know that you can't make weather predictions.
All I can say is "Layer", and that natives never carry an umbrella....that is truly asking for the worst 😊

Highlander II:
It typically rains at least 1 of the days of the convention when we have it in September.  It's like a tradition or something. XD

I dress in layers anyway - since I never know what they'll set the freakin' A/C to in my work building.

As a Seattleite, I can tell you it'll definitely change by then. Early September in Vancouver is a good mix of summer and fall. It may rain, but it probably won't be too much.

For a point of reference, it was 94F the last 2 days here in Seattle and today it was about 65F. It fluctuates a lot but I bet we'll get lucky with some nice weather :)


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