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Gatecon 2008



Highlander II:
This was the year I only had my point-and-shoot digital, so these aren't the greatest photos ever, but here we go:

The Gatecon banner!

Proof that Alan did sleep at least once:

Dan Shae & RDA:

More here: http://photographybyh2.h2smsk.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=5

Highlander II:
This was the year a little guy named 'Rockin' House' went to Gatecon.  (Explanation is - I have a 12" figure modified to look as much like Dr. House as a doll can look and I brought it to Gatecon as a 'photography prop'...)

Gary made a new friend:

And Cliff found a drinking buddy:

Why does that last not surprise me at all? *laughs*

Highlander II:
That's Cliff for ya! =)


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