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Exclusive extra photo shoot with Richard Dean Anderson

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Exclusive photo shoot with Richard Dean Anderson - Take Two!

The auction for our Jack's Cabin Shoot begins at 8pm BST Tuesday 16th August and ends 8pm BST Sunday 21st August 2016

This very special auction will be taking place at the Gatecon Member's Area (where you bought your original tickets and add-ons) and NOT at the Gatecon or Legends Auction Pages.

If you are having issues logging into the Gatecon Member's Area, please check that you are using your Member's Area username and password, and NOT your Forum ones.  If you still have issues, click on the "Forgot Your Password" link. If this email does not arrive (possibly because someone else purchased your ticket and used their own email address for your ticket or it is entered incorrectly), contact Allan at stating your full name, your seat number, and the correct email address to use for your account.
Please Note: Allan will be unavailable between 3pm and 12am BST, and will respond to your request once the sun rises in Australia.

We have made very special arrangements to gain access to the grounds at Jack's Cabin. As an update to our previous announcement and following a site visit to the cabin, we have decided that the photo shoot will take place in front of the cabin and not on the dock due to the limitations in the dock size and the accompanying safety issues.Your photograph with Richard Dean Anderson will take place on the porch at the front of the cabin. A print from the shoot will then be made available for you to collect in time for the Sunday autograph session, should you wish to have it signed as a personal item.

Winners will be notified of the full details of who and where to meet upon receipt of payment. Your seat is not secured until payment has been received and we reserve the right to auction again any unpaid seats. As we are now getting close to the event, payment for the auction must be received within 48 hours of the auction end via Paypal. Winners will be sent a payment request.

Please note entry to the grounds of the cabin is for the winners only. Security will be in place on the day as this is private property and only those on our list of winners will be granted access. Don't forget this is an outdoor shoot so please bring suitable clothing should we have adverse weather that day. Individuals are wholly responsible for their own safety during the visit to the cabin and in the vicinity of the lake and by taking part in the auction you agree that neither Gatecon nor Legends are liable for any personal injury sustained during the excursion.

This takes the form of a single auction with the top twenty bidders winning spots on the excursion. In the unlikely event that there is a tie for the 20th spot the winner will be determined by the date stamp of their winning bid. A percentage of the winning bids will be added to the Sea Shepherd donation after the costs for the Jack's Cabin excursion have been met.

- The photo shoot will take place on Thursday 8th September immediately after the harbour cruise
- The photo shoot will take place at Jack's Cabin and should last approximately one hour
- Transport will be provided for the winners with pickups at the Sheraton and the harbour
- There will be a maximum of 20 seats available for the shoot
- You must already own a convention ticket to take part

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your photo taken with Richard at Jack's Cabin.
Good luck!

I'm definitely in for this.  Sounds like fun!

I vote for having it *after* the harbor cruise.  (I'm definitely not a morning person and this is vacation for me so I don't want to have to wake up early.)

Oh, how I'd love to win this one!!!  :-*

While I'd love to win this, the odds are pretty low, and I'm sure the auction tickets are going to go super high.
At SGCHI 2015, the auction for being a character in the final book from the apocalypse series, by Fandemonium, went for over $1000.  I'm sure this will go much higher. 

Please hold it after the cruise. Terrified of that much water!!!


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