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Getting to Vancouver

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going across cananda via train wa salways been a dream of mine but no way can I combine it with the Homecoming not th emoney amount but the extra time away from my cats and the sitters availability.  Maybe one day--so now working on alternative means like flying to Seattle then the train up the coast to Va nCouver.
Becaue its not till September I have lots of time to organize travel.

Take care--Eileen

What a great idea, if you're going to have a holiday why not make the most of it! A trip on the Rocky Mountaineer is on my bucket list! I just never seem to have the money to do it, even with the discounted trips they offer to BC residents! I can never have enough of the mountains, forests and lakes of BC, it's so beautiful, you'll be blown away by the sheer magnificence of some of those views on the trip through the Rockies. We've driven on some of the stretches near the railway and I've always wanted to see the view from that train. It goes into areas the road doesn't and gives a different perspective.

I'm in Seattle so it's just a quick 2 1/2 hour drive for me. I'll be coming up by myself in my 1990 Miata.

Quick Shuttle finally has opened up booking for Sept 2016. Anyone flying into Seattle airport can take the shuttle to Vancouver.

FINALLY got our travel arrangements booked!
We are now travelling from Glasgow via Heathrow to Vancouver as it was £1000 cheaper :o!
How does that even make sense? hmmm!
Well and truly cannot wait now, :)!


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