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Gatecon 2002

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--- Quote from: Highlander II on May 28, 2015, 02:46:41 AM ---Ya'll remember Sekh's Party, right?

--- End quote ---

There once was a woman named "Sekh"
Who planned a Vancouver con trek;
when to her surprise, she saw the demise
of all of her hard earned respect.

She began to arrange for a meeting
to give other con goers a greeting.
PH* was the place, she came to disgrace,
with a phrase that would see much repeating.

The planning was getting complex.
She innocently brought on this hex
by telling the man to label his plans
by coding the party as "Sekh's"

And thus the Sekh's Party was born!
Though it lacked all significant porn,
you'd sure draw a crowd if you said it out loud
in circles where such things were scorned! ;)

*PH stood for Planet Hollywood.

I wrote that when we plotted the first Party.
2001 marked "The Second Coming."
2002 was "Close Encounters of for the Third Time," as I recall (I'd have to dig up my shirt/patch to confirm....)

We had so much fun planning those parties!! :)

Highlander II:
I miss those parties!


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