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--- Quote from: Stargategirl on October 10, 2015, 11:04:20 PM ---Since I looked up all the restaurants in Richmond for a possible farewell dinner on the 12th near the Sheraton,  there are no Red Robins, Earl's, or any other familiar eateries in Richmond. There is a White Spot in the Richmond shopping center, but I don't think they can handle a group of 50 more due to the strict rules for walk-ins. I would have to need to book room for 50 or more at the downtown Vancouver Earl's or have to go to Burnaby and book either at Earl's or Red Robin like I've done before. The Cactus Club Café is nearby but wouldn't be able to handle our group.

Edit: an Earl's is nearby

--- End quote ---

I have made contact with Earls. We can see if it will be able to accommodate either the pre or post con events. I don't think we will get away without a booking. ☺

I went to Google as I was concerned we might only be eating in the hotel for the weekend of the Convention (which could get pricey) so did a search of area restaurants. There seems to be quite a bit of places to eat outside the hotel (though many seem to be Asian influence), even if you're craving a strong coffee after a night of fun. ;)

I honestly love Asian food and sushi so will be great. Much healthier than McDonalds anyway. I saw there was a Greek restaurant as well as an Irish pub down the street from the hotel so I think we all should find something to our liking. :)

Richmond Restaurants -,-123.1441094,15z/data=!4m8!2m7!3m6!1sRestaurants!2sRichmond,+BC,+Canada!3s0x54867599f4ef4d3d:0x6a5024adba02fab5!4m2!1d-123.133569!2d49.1665898

Trip Advisor has a great list of restaurants in Richmond, along with ratings.


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