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I'm taking it nice and easy today, saving all my energy for when it all starts! I'll be making the trek to Richmond tomorrow by bus from Cloverdale. It's a marathon given the relatively short distance as transit outside of Vancouver itself is not as good once you're outside the skytrain network. I've decided not to drive as it's too tiring to drive home after a long day of con fun so I'll be be staying at a hotel close by. It will be a nice 'staycation' for me.  :D

Hope that I can sleep tonight!
Be there tomorrow around 4pm.   I am staying at a bed & breakfast, so will ck in come over to the hotel.

Good evening all.. made it to the Hilton next to Sheraton. Sadly miss all of Thursday's activities and still have to pickup/checkin tomorrow before Opening lol. Think I'm the last one to make it in?

See ya all folks tomorrow, at least the flight from LA was uneventful with some slight rollercoaster turbulence.

Trying to reach someone with an email that starts with Paisleytoo... if that's you please get in touch as I can't reply to your email (bounces back!)


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