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Gategoers at The Homecoming / Re: Meet-A-Gater
« on: September 05, 2016, 04:16:25 PM »
Hello all!

My name is Didier (pronounce 'Dee-Dee-Hey'  ;) ), I'm from Montreal, Quebec, 32, single (what?   :P ;D), part-time geek, full-time Stargate fan, and this will be my first GateCon (but not my first convention)! Needless to say I'm looking forward to this event, but also to meet fellow Gaters and to see the beautiful British-Columbia for the very first time!

Also, thank you in advance for being patient with me; I might ask you to repeat stuff you said since I'm French-Canadian (my English will probably be a bit 'rusty' here and there...but I should be able to catch up quickly :P

I'll be there from the 7th (evening) through the 13th and I'll be attending all the events of the Con.

Can't wait to the event!

See y'all there very soon!


Suggestions / Some 'name dropping' for the event ;)
« on: May 11, 2016, 08:29:49 PM »
Hey gaters!

Since Michael and Amanda won't be joining us in sept. (unfortunately :( ), I thought of doing some 'name dropping' for the big reunion! ;)

Chris Judge (ESPECIALLY since Michael is unavailable), David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, Joe Flanigan, Rainbow Sun Francks, Jason Momoa (if he's available by some miracle haha), Claudia Black, Morena Baccarin, Ben Browder, Beau Bridges, Ronny Cox, Lexa Doig, Vince Crestejo, Alexis Cruz, Robert Picardo, JR Bourne, Jay Acovone, Louis Gossett Jr., John De Lancie, Anna-Louise Plowman, David DeLuise, Isaac Hayes, William Devane, Kevin Durand, Kavan Smith, Julian Sands, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, Mitch Pileggi, Connor Trinneer, Robert Davi, Michael Beach, Kate Hewlett, Robert Patrick, Robert Carlyle...

I think that's enough for tonight! Hahaha! :)


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