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Title: Thanks
Post by: Atlantia on September 12, 2016, 06:09:49 PM
I thought I would start this. To Allan, Richard, Fryn, Steph, Ian, the co-ordinators, dept heads, schedule makers, all the volunteers for all the time and effort you have put in.

Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: Dr. Carson Beckett on September 12, 2016, 09:13:28 PM
I agree, thanks to all of the Gatecon crew and volunteers as well as the wonderful Stargate family who were able to join us. It was a fun weekend, though I do have a number of suggestions to alleviate the... chaos for future cons. Now is not the time for constructive criticism, though, but despite the chaos of Friday and Saturday, all of the panels were excellent. I had never seen Martin Wood on stage before, but it wouldn't surprise me if he taught any film making classes, as his charisma and style would definitely make for an excellent instructor.

Richard Dean Anderson is most definitely a class act and, as I have said before, I would not have held it against him if he chose to pull out due to his injuries and focus on his recovery, but I respect his decision to honour his commitment to appear and he really is a shining example of someone with his name recognition appreciating the fans who have come to see him. When I saw Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner in 2010, the only interaction during signings was a smile whereas Richard Dean Anderson not only took the time to talk with and engage with people but appeared happy to do so. So, just for giving me the opportunity to meet Richard Dean Anderson and thank him for the work he has done, I am thankful to the Gatecon and Legends crews.

I cannot promise right here and now that I will be able to attend the next convention, primarily for current financial reasons, but I will always support the endeavours in any way I can, as I think it is great that the awesome Stargate guests have more opportunities to interact with the equally awesome and appreciative Stargate fandom.

As a local who commuted to the con each day I, unfortunately, missed out on the evening events due to the prohibitive travel times and the precious little sleep it would have afforded me to be able to enjoy the next day's events.. I missed a portion of Sunday due to forgetting my pass and not realizing it until I was already on the bus and having to wait for a bus to return home and retrieve it. As James Wilson once said on House, MD: "Buses suck" especially on a Sunday. But Gatecon was worth putting up with that necessary evil.
Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: Atlantia on September 13, 2016, 04:21:48 AM
Aaaaahhhhh! I almost forgot to add thanks to Paul Brown and Legends, who without his contributions, well I  think we would atill be talking about it and not doing it!

Thank you very much Paul!

Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: DanielsAngel on September 14, 2016, 12:05:55 PM
Hey Everyone, I too wish to thank everyone who volunteered and helped organize this wonderful event. I too would have understood if Rick had backed out due to his injuries. The event was awesome and I enjoyed my short time there. I didn't get the opportunity to meet Rick this time, but spending Saturday night watching him at the auction was priceless. He was Rick at his goofiest even if he wasn't feeling his best because of his arm. We love you Rick, because you're the best.

I can't wait for next year,

Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: Barbara on September 14, 2016, 12:55:44 PM
I agree with the previous posters.  A big THANKS to everyone involved!! This was my first convention - I had no idea what to expect - but I had a grand time!! I didn't expect to have the chance to actually speak with many of the actors and the other convention attendees were a lot of fun.

Am definitely making plans to come again next year (keeping fingers crossed).
Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: starfreak10 on September 15, 2016, 11:07:24 PM
I second all of this ...THANK YOU

Im having con with draw now, so much that im playibg that absolutely everybody song over and over
Title: Re: Thanks
Post by: schulzmk on September 16, 2016, 01:26:37 PM
Allan, Fryn, Richard, Stef, Paul, Ian,  You guys ROCK!  I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again next year.  And a special thanks to Atlantia (Brenda, you know who you are) for organizing a wonderful pre-convention dinner for us, despite last minute venue issues.  I'm still amazed at the way you all accomplished all this magic from off-world.