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Hi everyone! Is it too late to add myself and my husband to the pre-con dinner list? :) Rebecca & Shane Lanahan. We will be in Vancouver starting Tuesday the 6th. Can't wait!!!

Hello and welcome. 😀
I will add you to the list.  I am going to see if I can increase to 65. I will confirm in a day or so. I leave foe Vancouver today. 😊Sorry I am a bit rushed today.
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I am glad you all like it. I can't wait to get there! 😀
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Thanks Richard. You would be most welcome. ☺
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Harold's Bistro and Bar have liaised with me for the menu. It is a shortened menu from their main restaurant menu. I hope it will cater for you all. Richard has kindly volunteered to post the menu attachemnt for me, so watch out for it shortly.

Harold's do offer gluten free and will assist with meal options for people with allergies. Just liaise with me for your dietry requirements.

SMILE Not long now! 😁

Here you go. Enjoy the meal everyone. As it's taking place on site I might try and pop my head round the door to say hello.

The Homecoming 8th-12th September 2016 / Re: Cosplay photographer?
« on: August 19, 2016, 11:27:27 PM »
Are you going to ell us what you will be wearing or is it a secret? ☺ Just being nosy. 😆 I know lots of people who would take great photos. Iam not that good these days, my hands shake too much. 😊
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Hi All,

It has been quite a stressful couple of days. I contacted Earl's to ask we can inrease our numbers so that the wait listed people can join, and they have a new manager who was not made aware of the booking. She said that taking 50 was to many and asked if we could reduce our numbers. Needles to say I said no and asked if she would reconsider. In the mean time I started looking around for an alternative venue. As we need a place that has variety in their menu. Harold's Bistro and Bar have been able to take us all, including those on the wait list.

I am negotiating the menu with the manager. Please go to their website and have a look at the menu. The pricing should suit most.

Time is short, so if you don't want to go there, let me know and I will take you off the list.
I am sorry this has happened and hope that you will cope with the change.
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Driving up from Seattle on Wed and will be there by 4pm.
Would love to attend also.   I have room for 4 more people in my car also.

Hi Umnr,

I have added you to the waitlist. Welcome to this miniscule group!  😆

That brings the total to 60 including waitlist people. I am going to email the restaurant to see if they are happy for the increase. I wiil post when I hear back. ☺
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Looks like I'll be getting there in time to attend.  Can you add me to the waitlist?

Hi Veggieliving. Welcome to the group. 😀🙋
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Hi Brenda,
No worries. I will put a reserved sign on 2 seats together so you don't have to split up. My communications will be limited to here and facebook. I will see if Krisz will have her phone with her. If she does and is agreeable I will let you know by  pm how to get a hold of us if need be.

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Just a quick reminder that the current list for the dinner may be located on page one of this topic. If you want to keep updated. 😊
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any updates to the lists?

Not at this stage. I think they will be able to take us all, including everyone on the waitlist, but they won't confirm until closer to the date.
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For anyone walking, I believe there is a short cut through the shopping centre. I think it is open late also. If anyone knows different or can confirm my thoughts, feel free to update.
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Gategoers at The Homecoming / Re: Meet-A-Gater
« on: March 11, 2016, 05:30:00 AM »
Hi there, Im from the UK and travelling alone but sharing a room. 

Any other Brits going as would love to get in touch and meet you at the Con too?

I am nervous as never travellled alone before let alone to Canada.

Pleeaaaaseee get in touch, even if you are from other countries.  |I'd rather not be a loner  :(

My name is Janet and i am 54 from Essex and probably be one of the older ones going.  I have a ticket for the banquet but only only the reserve list for the Cruise and Tour.  Would love to do other things too but initially photo/autographs of the celebs.



Hi Janet,

Atlantia here. I am originally from Surrey and have a cousin who lives in Essex. I am ever so slightly older than you, but there are alot of us in this age group. I can remember my first con and traveled by myself. I thought that I would have no one to talk to. It turned out really great, thanks to a forum such as this. There will be lots of people organising meals together, chats and a whole pletherer of things. Just stay tuned, you won't be left out. I look forward to meeting you. ☺

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I can now confirm that Earls (across the street from the Hotel) has confirmed our reservation! We don't have to pre-order and they will take individual billing. I am going with cash on the night as I think it will help with the tipping. 😊.

I suppose I had better book my flight and accommodation soon! 😊

Atlantia, I'm not sure how this forum works yet, but I believe you will see this. Add me to whatever waiting list there is for the Earls across the street from the hotell. If capacity.ends up being a problem, as I said I can invent a second place nearby for all who can't fit into Earls. The moderators know me, and I know virtually no one here by their handle yet. I only have probably 1,000 more posts to catch up on ... sometime!

Hi Mike,
I know you from facebook. I have added you, George and Jchu100 to the wait list. I am hoping closer to the time that I will be able to add everyone on the waitlist. I think Earls will be able to cope.
Unfortunately, Earls is not exactly across the road, it is round a couple of corners and across the road. I had mixed the Hotels up.

Nonnie, thanks for the update.

Also to re-cap, if you think any of you will be taking a taxi to and from Earls and would like to share, just let me know and book accordingley.
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Gategoers at The Homecoming / Re: Meet-A-Gater
« on: February 15, 2016, 04:38:07 AM »
Hi. I'm Jeannette and I'm flying in from Michigan. I am really looking forward to attending my first Gatecon and seeing Vancouver. It has been 25 years since I have visited Vancouver. I have to admit I am a bit apprehensive since I am coming by myself, don’t know anyone, and am probably a bit older than many attendees (although I could be wrong). In any event, I am really excited about attending and meeting people! Please humor my insecurities, but what has been the age range of Gatecon attendees?  ;)

Hello and welcome.  As far as the age range goes (without naming names) 😆 there are people who are very close to 80 and the youngest that I know of is 10, but I don't think he is going this year. Do you fit in there somewhere? 😆😆
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