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The Guest-List for The Invasion 2018

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This is the thread where we will post details and announcements about the guest list


Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter SG1 & Atlantis)
Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson SG1 & Atlantis)
Christopher Judge (Teal'c SG1)
Lexa Doig (Dr Carolyn Lam SG1)
Colin Cunningham (Major Davis SG1 & Atlantis)
Barry Campbell (Stargate Continuum arctic specialist)
Andrew Jackson (Per'sus SG1)
Jill Teed (Yolanda Reese/Stacey Monroe SG1)
Martin Wood (Producer & Director)
Walter Harriman (Gary Jones)
Gary Jones (Walter Harriman, SG1, Atlantis & Universe, Continuum & Ark of Truth)
Alexis Cruz (Skaara SG1 and original movie)
Rainbow Sun Francks (Lt Aiden Ford SG Atlantis)
Steve Bacic (Major Coburn SG1 / Camulus SG1 & Continuum)
Dan Shea (Sgt Siler SG1 / Stunt Double & Stunt coordinator SG1/Atlantis/Continuum & Ark of Truth)
Mika McKinnon (Real-life scientist behind Dr Rodney McKay's equations)
Sabine Bauer (Stargate Novels author)
Frida Betrani (Lya of the Nox, SG1)
Mark Haynes (co-writer SGA and SGU comics)
David DeLuise (Pete Shanahan SG1)
Teryl Rothery (Dr Janet Fraiser SG1)
JR Bourne (Martouf SG1)
Alex Zahara (Michael, Shy One, Eggar et al SG1)
Andee Frizzell (Wraith Queen, SGA)
Patrick Currie (Fifth, Chaka & Eamon Finn SG1)
Peter Flemming (Agent Malcolm Barrett SG1 & SGA)
Dean Aylesworth (Anubis SG1)
Paul McGillion (Dr Carson Beckett SGA / young Ernest Littlefield SG1)
Simone Bailly (Ka'lel SG1)
Sharon Taylor (Amelia Banks SGA)
Herbert Duncanson (Grell SG1)
Douglas Arthurs (Heru'ur SG1)
Bruce Woloshyn (Visual Effects)
Brad Wright (Producer)
Cliff Simon (Ba'al)
Jacqueline Samuda (Nirrti)
Bill Butt aka B.A.G. (Vince Kwan SGU)
Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody SGU)
Kieran Dickson (Stargate Command)
Jenny Stiven (Stargate Command)
David Read (GateWorld)
Darren Sumner (GateWorld)
Megan Leitch (Ke'ra SG1)
Peter Williams (Apophis SG1)
Stargate Network (Game-makers)
Stefan Zadorozny (Memorabilia Collector)
J.C. Vaughn (comicbook writer)
Mark Nicholson (propmaker)
Tom McBeath (Col Maybourne SG1)
Neal Acree (Composer)

...and so it begins...

The Gatecon Team is pleased to announce our very first guest for The Invasion 2018. One of our staunchest supporters over the years Colin Cunningham is making a very welcome return back to the Gatecon Family.

Colin has attended nearly every Gatecon over the last 18 years, primarily due to his appearance as Major Davis on Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis but he has since appeared in many other fan-favourite shows including Sanctuary, Flashpoint,Falling Skies, Hell on Wheels and The Magicians.

Welcome home Colin!

Also returning for The Invasion 2018 are Barry Campbell and Andrew Jackson.


Barry is the former head of operations for the U.S. Navy's Arctic Submarine Laboratory and was also key in the filming of Continuum in the Arctic Ocean while Andrew is well-known to Stargate fans as Per'sus as well as roles in shows including Andromeda, Smallville and Dark Matter.

Joining the guest line-up for 2018 is Jill Teed who had a blast last year and can't wait to see everyone again.

Stargate fans will recognise Jill for her role as Yolanda Reese/Stacey Monroe in Wormhole X-Treme, although Jill has also appeared in many of our favourite shows including; Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Caprica, Supernatural, Continuum and Arrow.

Joining the line-up for The Invasion is producer and director Martin Wood

Martin is perhaps best known for his work on 46 episodes of Stargate SG-1 and 30 episodes of Atlantis. He has also worked on Earth Final Conflict, Andromeda, Sanctuary and, most recently, Travelers.


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