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Here are the seating assignments for the Filming Location Tour on Monday 12th September. The lists will also be posted on the Gatecon notice board in the hotel foyer.

Each bus is colour coded so please make a note of the bus you have been assigned. The person highlighted in gold on each bus is the Bus Mom. The Bus Mom has volunteered to watch over the bus and to ensure everyone knows how long they have at each stop. However you are responsible for being back onboard at the correct time as the bus will NOT be able to wait.

The Bus Mom will be holding up a Gatecon card that matches your bus colour. There will be a similar card in the bus window so you will know which is your bus throughout the tour.

Packed lunches will be available to collect from 8am but please do not leave it until the last minute to get yours - again the buses will depart on time at 9am. Please head for the lunch collection table that matches your bus colour.

We have managed to seat everyone who requested to be together on the same bus, but we cannot make any further changes to the seating assignments.

If you have paid for a ticket but you do not see your name on the lists please let me know ASAP.

Tour is FULL and bookings are closed. I will post the seating assignments in due course. They will also be posted in the hotel foyer on Wednesday

PC - any activity marked PC means that it takes place Pre-Convention
OE - any activity marked OE is an Optional Extra and involves the purchase of a ticket add-on
FE - any activity marked FE means Free Entry and is included in your main convention ticket

The Vancouver Location Tour - OE

Our ever-popular filming location tour will take place on Monday 12th September and is an all-day activity. You will be taken to many of the locations used in Stargate and some of the other shows filmed in the city, including a pit stop outside the Bridge Studios. Packed lunch included. Full itinerary details to follow


Our ever-popular Vancouver Sightseeing Tour is making a welcome return to The Homecoming on Monday 12th September 2016

Unfortunately we can no longer provide a studio tour like the good old days (yes, Gatecon was the first ever convention granted access to bring groups to Bridge Studios to visit the SGC set), however we can include a drive out to the studios as part of our filming location tour of the city.

The full itinerary is still being worked on with the bus company but you can expect to visit many well-known buildings and locations used during the course of the show including the Plaza of Nations, Bloedel Conservatory, Steveston, Seaforth Armory and much more.

A packed lunch will also be provided, from the selection listed below, with Stanley Park being the most likely lunch-time stop. Please note, although this is primarily a driving tour, there will be a few stops en route for bathroom breaks or where the location permits. Each bus will have a Bus Mom (or Dad) seated at the front who will be looking out for everyone - but if you do go wandering off it is your responsibility to be back on board in time as the bus will not be able to hold on for you.

The tour company has insurance that covers the time spent on the buses. Persons on the tour are responsible for their own safety when on foot at the stops en route. Neither International Stage Lines nor Gatecon can be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst off the buses during the tour.

But wait, there's more!

Question : When is a bus tour more than just a bus tour?
Answer : When your tour guide is none other than Walter Harriman himself, Gary Jones.

Gary will be joining you on the tour, dressed as Walter, and will be able to provide some interesting, and no doubt humorous, insights into the locations used in his home town. Gary will spend time on each bus during the day, approximately equal amount of time per bus, unless he has to head off early for work.

The ticket price for the Filming Location Tour, including packed lunch, is US$65

Lunchbox options:
Please note you will choose your lunch when the tickets go on sale

Choose from our selection of classic sandwiches and we'll include a side salad and dessert bar or square. All lunch boxes are labeled in a clear container to showcase the meal and include a paper napkin, salt, pepper and cutlery pack. Fresh fruit kebab will replace the bar/square in the gluten-free lunch box.

Ham Sandwich
Black Forest ham, cheddar cheese, field greens, tomato, cucumber, onion jam and Dijon mayonnaise (mixed breads)

Chicken Salad Sandwich
Oven roasted chicken and red onions infused with French tarragon and lemon zest, topped with cucumbers, field greens and Dijon mayonnaise
(served on a croissant)

Vegetarian Sandwich
Roasted vegetables tossed in a walnut pesto, parmesan cheese, alfalfa sprouts and a hummus spread (vegan available with cheese removed)
(mixed breads)

(Gluten-free options are also available for the sandwiches above)

House Greens Salad
Wild organic greens, shredded carrot, cucumber, grape tomatoes, shredded beets, toasted pumpkin seeds, house honey balsamic dressing

We now have more details of the itinerary for the city tour - apologies for the delay.

Before you read the itinerary please read the proviso : all locations mentioned are dependant upon traffic delays and local conditions on the day, including locations being off limits should filming be taking place.

There may also be extra drive-by locations added between now and the tour.


Stops are planned at the following locations:

* The Planetarium and Observatory, Vanier Park - 30 minutes
* Stanley Park (lunch stop) - 40 minutes
* Jack's Cabin (yay) - note access will be via the public footpath around the lake and NOT onto the property itself. Please respect the privacy of the people living there - 45 minutes
* Bridge Studios - 20 minutes
* Bloedel Conservatory - 30 minutes
* Steveston - 60 minutes

Drive-by locations will include:

* Shaughnessy Hospital
* Seaforth Armory
* Hamburger Mary's Diner
* Tealc's Apartment
* Plaza of Nations
* BC Place
* Rogers Arena
* Law Courts
* Art Gallery
* Georgia Viaduct
* MacGyver Building
* Sam's House
* Element Cafe
* Accent Inn
* British Columbia Institute of Technology
* Central Park
Each bus will have a bus mom who is there to make sure everyone knows when to be back on board for departure from each stop. Please do keep an eye on the time and make sure you are back at the bus in good time for departure as it may not be able to wait for you (ask Mike Amowitz!!). The buses must be back at the hotel on time.

We will be including wristbands for the tour (and the other events - banquet & cruise) in your welcome pack so please remember to wear it on the day.

You will be given an information sheet for the tour on board the bus.
Tips for the drivers are always encouraged if you feel inclined.
Packed lunches will be available to pick up in the hotel reception area from 8am.

I will post the list of bus allocations on here nearer the time. These will also be posted on the Gatecon notice board in hotel reception. If you requested to sit with friends on a certain bus we will try to accommodate everyone. We cannot accept any new seating requests now.

The plan is for Gary Jones to spend time aboard each bus during the course of the day. He will try to spend a roughly equal amount of time on each although this cannot be guaranteed. He will mingle with everyone during the stops of course.

A huge thank you to Lorna for putting together the route for us including driving it on more than one occasion to get the timings right.

Has anyone thought of contacting Lynn Smith about participating ??  She used to work the tours for the "other" conventions.  I was her "sheepdog" and I know she always enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the show and her work. 

Definitely signing up for the film location bus tour!

I went on the one they had in 2008. Was a nice time though we didn't get to get out to explore too much. I remember stopping in Stevenson, Burnaby Mountain and maybe a couple other places.

Two years later I was back for a different con and a group of us rented a car, found a map online and did our own location tour. We saw Jack's cabin, Sam's house and tons of other places that were too cool to describe.

Next year I'll be going with a first-timer and we may have to do this tour. She's never seen Vancouver nor any Stargate-related sites. She's really going to get a kick out of it. Can't wait to see her expression. :)

Just a quick question. Will the pickup/dropoff point be the Sheraton or at another location?


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