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Query about registration


Hi, my flight doesn’t get in on Thursday until after registration closes.
Three queries as a result of that.
1) Is there any way I can attend the Meet and Greet if I haven’t registered yet?
Also, 2) what is the Meet and Greet?  :D
And 3) what happens if I’ve been allocated to the Friday guest breakfast (I’ve got a platinum ticket) as I won’t be able to register until after that has happened on Friday morning (so can I swap, or request a Saturday or Sunday breakfasts?)

If you miss the main registration period we will have unclaimed tickets to hand at the Meet and Greet, which is the informal gathering for attendees to mingle and meet and is usually attended by some of the guests.

Thanks very much for the reply - that’s helpful and reassuring to know. Really looking forward to this event and to meeting you all.


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