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Legends Memorabilia has been providing memorabilia from the world of Entertainment and History for over 20 years and in that time has developed a client base reaching 78 countries around the world.

Paul Brown, the founder of Legends initially started dealing in memorabilia in the early 1990's following a diverse career which included several years in the professional music industry. During this time he worked as a sound engineer with many notable artists including Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Little Richard, Ella Fitzgerald, Sonny and Cher, Diana Ross, The Righteous Brothers and many others. This association within the music field became the catalyst for the development of his memorabilia program, which expanded further as he developed relationships with celebrities in the film and television field, notably working with Joey Bishop, a member of Frank Sinatra's 'Rat Pack'.

He formed Legends Memorabilia in Vancouver in 1995, focusing primarily on signed historical documents, celebrity photographs and music memorabilia. In 1999, Legends was the innovator of online memorabilia prop sales, a process that had yet to be developed in the industry. Following a successful launch of this new concept with The Outer Limits, Legends later became the first company to work with MGM for the release of props and costumes from Stargate SG1. This enterprise became the foundation for its growth within Stargate fandom and Legends has enjoyed a warm relationship with Stargate fans since that time.

In 2004, Paul developed a working relationship with Richard Dean Anderson for the sale of his autographs for charity. It was through this program that Richard and Paul strengthened their friendship and in 2005 Paul persuaded Richard to attend a 'fan convention', something he had never done in the past. Thereafter, Paul took Richard to several other events, including a highly successful event in Vancouver with Gatecon. Those convention activities, allied with their charity work together, further enhanced the friendship and trust between them.

In 2012, Paul passed over the management of Legends Memorabilia to his daughter Julie, who had been with him in the family business for many years. Today, Julie operates Legends Memorabilia for the sale of props and costumes from various film and television productions, while Paul operates Legends Canada which focuses on Richard Dean Anderson and other Stargate actor-signed memorabilia. He also exclusively manages Richard's fan convention activities and together they travel the world meeting fans and raising funds for The Sea Shepherd and other charities. Paul and Richard are both members of the Sea Shepherd Media and Arts Board of Advisers, along with notable celebrities that include Pamela Anderson, Brigitte Bardot, Linda Blair, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Rutger Hauer, Sean Penn and Martin Sheen.

In 2015, in association with his friend and design engineer Bryan Harris, Paul introduced the Stargate Legacy Collection, a series of high quality, prestige collectibles that pay homage to Stargate. 


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