Author Topic: [UNOFFICIAL] Road Trip Stargate Tour & BC visit between fans  (Read 4735 times)

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[UNOFFICIAL] Road Trip Stargate Tour & BC visit between fans
« on: August 31, 2016, 11:07:05 AM »
Hello everyone!

Because we're coming from France, with a friend we will stay in Vancouver one week more, up to sept 17th-18th.
Our plan is:
- make a Stargate shooting locations' tour, take photos of ourselfs with Stargate Costumes
- visit wonderful British Colombia landscapes, see whales etc...

We choose to not take the wonderful Stargate tour kindly proposed by the Gatecon, to be able to take our time on each place, choose where to go, change our plan if the weather is not good.

For this we would be happy to share this Stargate fan experience, with some other people, because it will be more fun to do it to several people, and of course, will cost cheaper if we share the car rental & gaz expenses, but perhaps more expensive than the Gatecon Tour.

Big discussions planned during the travels. Julien & me, are very very active fans in France & Switzerland.  ;D

So, this proposal is for 2 peoples, and priority for people who will be able to come most of those days.
If more people with other cars are interested, we can make a convoy!  8)
Teenager (-18) alone are NOT accepted. OK only with a parent.

Please contact me by Private Message if you are seriously intrested, with a short presentation of yourself, it will be great ;-)

Thanks for reading


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