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EXIT Canada - Discount for Gategoers


EXIT, Canada's largest escape room chain are offering a 30% discount to Gategoers using their Richmond location.

Welcome to Canada’s first room escape gaming facility!
Inside any one of our adventures players will explore the different realms of EXIT Canada, where you can display your intelligence, marvels and artistry by outwitting the Game Master that involves solving challenging puzzles and discovering exciting clues and escaping within time limit.

Our rooms cater to a minimum of 2 players and can hold up to a maximum 10 players per theme(number of maximum players differs by location) that offers varying levels of difficulty in which both those of whom are new to escape games or the most experienced can have fun.

Grab your team and head over to any one of our various locations to try and escape!

9111 Beckwith Road

See the rooms available at the Richmond location HERE

Although Empire of Atlantis might be most in keeping with the convention!

Atlantis is a country named after Atlas, son of Poseidon, God of the Sea. It has always been a highly civilized country rich in resources, and every Atlantean has been enjoying a peaceful and prosperous life.

However, evil is always lurking in the shadows in times of stability. The emperor at the time, Atlan VIII, found out that the world encompasses more land than just Atlantis itself. Succumbing to the evil encouragement from G.O.D. and bewitched by The Power of Corruption, he constantly waged war, wishing to ultimately rule the world.

He conquered lands and amassed power, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. His people lived in pain and despair. In order to stop this violent behaviour, the King of Gods, Zeus finally decided to destroy Atlantis, which has become an axis of evil.

And thus, he sent a band of warriors with you to eradicate this power and annihilate Atlantis itself…

Hello all Gategoers

This us something I am interested in, so has anyone got experiences to share of the EXIT gaming?

Thanking in advance.



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