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I tried to reserve a room by using the block code that Paul Brown mentioned, but it said "code not valid". I'm a Starwood member, so I'll try to reserve online.


--- Quote from: sugarshaker on September 13, 2015, 10:39:28 AM ---I just tried to make my reservation for Sept. 8 - 13, and, although they had a selection for Gatecon in their computer, they were unable to reserve a room.  The computer said "gate block not found" whatever that means.  I went ahead and reserved a room at the regular hotel rate ($279) and they said to call back after the con organizers have straightened it out, and they'll switch it to the Gatecon rate.

--- End quote ---

I went to the this Sheraton hotel website, but all I could find in USD was $210USD per night for 9/8-9/12 when using a cc. All other amounts listed were prepaid or nonrefundable @$171USD per night, but I'd rather not do the $210 pernight compared to $150 Gatecon rate.

When you called did they say it was non-fundable and charged immediately, or were you given a cancellation date just before checkin?

They said I could cancel with no charge up until 4:00 pm the day before check-in.  They'll probably get the bugs worked out soon.

Thanks for all the comments.

Paul has heard back from the hotel and the error is at their end as they confirm the contract has been signed and received, and apologise for not being able to complete reservations today.

Our event manager at the hotel assures us this will be fixed tomorrow. Apologies on their behalf for the difficulties.

Wow, I almost didn't recognize the place. :D


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